WPO365 | SAMESITE WordPress Plugin Download Free

WPO365 | SAMESITE WordPress Plugin Download Free

Free WPO365 | SAMESITE WP Plugin Download

Plugin for WordPress websites that require a user to sign in (e.g. with Microsoft using the WPO365 plugin) and that are loaded inside an iframe (e.g.

Users need to sign in (for example, using WPO365 plug-ins using Microsoft), IFRAME (Microsoft Teams app / tab or similar) loaded. The plug-in overrides the plug-enabled WordPress function WP_SET_AUTH_COOKIE to allow SAMESITE = NONE to always enable the cookie third-party use.

WordPress WPO365 | SAMESITE Plugin Version is 1.2.

WPO365 | SAMESITE Plugin last modified on 04/15/2021.

WPO365 | SAMESITE WordPress Plugin has 5 Rating out of 5.

WPO365 | SAMESITE WP Plugin is Free to Download.

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