WPBakery Page Builder Clipboard

WPBakery Page Builder Clipboard Description

The Copy, Cut, and Paste commands will be displayed when you hover your mouse over a WPBakery Page Builder section, row, column, or any other content element toolbar. Click "Copy" to copy or "Cut" to cut. Click Paste in another section/row/column or other content element on the same page or any other page to paste the content from the clipboard below the current section/row or other content element (or inside a column).

If you want to copy/cut and paste a stack of WPBakery Page Builder content items, simply click Copy+/Cut+ to add a section, line, or other content items to your clipboard. You can add content elements even from different pages. Now when you click "Paste", all content items will be pasted in the same order they were added to the clipboard!

Pasting on a blank page is also possible using the "Insert" button on the toolbar, which will also work with the standard WordPress content editor.

Transferring the clipboard between sites/domains is possible with clipboard export and import, and can also be used to create clipboard templates that you can save or share. With the Cloud Template Manager, you can save clipboard contents online and load saved content templates directly to your clipboard!

WPBakery Page Builder Clipboard

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