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Wp age verifier Responsive and touch-enabled plugin for WordPress. Websites from various industries such as: Alcohol, pharmacies, tattoos, adult content In addition, a mandatory age verification is required to ensure that the user is over a certain age. SEO-friendly age verification plugins make it easy to create an age gate between your website visitors and your content.

What makes us stand out?

Our plugin will automatically detect the user's location and set the age limit according to the age gate defined in that particular country / region.

Install the Wp Age verifier, activate the plugin, easily customize every aspect by setting the age, select the entire page or website, add headings, descriptions, logos and define layouts And perform important settings.

The WpAgeVerifier plug-in is ideal for:

Qs: Can I add a logo?
Answer: Yes, the WpAgeVerifier plugin has this feature.

Qs: Can I edit the text?
Answer: Yes! You can edit any text completely.

Qs: Does Wp Age Verifier work for all or specific website pages?
Answer: Yes, by installing the plugin, visitors will be greeted with an age confirmation message regardless of the entry page.

Qs: Is this an ad-free version?
Answer: Yes, WpAgeVerifier is completely ad-free.

Qs: Is this plugin responsive? Does it work on mobile devices?
Answer: Yes! Wp Age Verifier is responsive and works well on all devices.

Qs: Which third-party tool is used to detect the user's location?
Answer: GeoPlugin is a free tool with the ability to easily geographically localize your visitors to your city.

Qs: How many requests will be processed by your third-party tool?
Answer: You can perform up to 120 lookups per minute. If you need more requests, check them out. here ..

WP Age Verifier

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