Workshop - Ferramentas da Qualidade

Workshop - Ferramentas da Qualidade

Workshop - Ferramentas da Qualidade Udemy Course

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Workshop - Ferramentas da Qualidade Course Criado por Erikson Moreira.

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Workshop - Ferramentas da Qualidade Course Description

This is a mini-course or workshop on quality tools where you can learn a little about the concepts behind each quality tool. The goal at this point is to just present the basics of each of these tools. How to apply training methods

Here we present the content of each of these tools and the topics they cover in a simple and clear way, providing everyday examples for students to illustrate learning in a simple and practical way.

As an introduction, I will talk about how to understand quality as if you understand processes and systems and their differences, and also talk about quality, quality specifications and what they are for.

Today we meet some of the most sophisticated thinkers and their citations on the subject.

Finally, the quality tools are discussed, and in this mini-course, the following tools are explained how they can be useful in your daily work.

Multifunctional team,


Check the sheet


· Chart or Pareto diagram;

5 reasons


· Diagrama de ISHIKAWA;

· Action plan;

If you have any questions, recommendations, or requests, don't be shy to write to us.

Thank you in advance for the opportunity to teach and learn something from you.

I'll hug you a lot and see you soon.

Professor Erikson Moreira.

As a manager and consultant of management systems such as quality, environmental, food safety knowledge, occupational health and safety management, we train and guide teams in identifying processes and critical indicators for company growth.

More than 15 years of experience in the field of administration, long-term experience in the automotive and food sectors using the methodology of analysis, solutions and problems and tools APQP, PPAP and FMEA

Strong performance in the definition and management of process indicators for machine, plastics and surface treatment production processes, product and service quality control, and continuous improvement of the organization

Workshop - Ferramentas da Qualidade Course for

  • Administradores, tecnólogos, profissionais ligados a gestão e empreendedores em geral

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