Working with XML in C# Pluralsight

Working with XML in C# Pluralsight

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Learn to use LINQ to XML and XPath queries to process XML files in C#. Use XML serialization to store .NET objects in an XML file and deserialize XML back into a .NET object. Learn to cache frequently used data in a local XML file.

What you'll learn

What are the best methods for reading and writing XML documents in C#? In this course, Working with XML in C#, you learn foundational knowledge to process XML files and use XML to enhance your business applications. First, you learn to process XML documents using LINQ to XML. Next, you discover how to write XPath queries. Next, you see how to add, edit and delete data within an XML document. XML serialization is explored to show you how to save a .NET object to an XML file, and then restore that XML as a .NET object. Finally, you explore how to cache frequently used database data as a local XML file, and to detect when server data changes so you can update your local file. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of XML needed to process XML documents in C#. Software required: Visual Studio 2017/19, .NET 4.5, .NET 5, SQL Server, C#.

Table of contents

  • Course Overview
  • What Exactly Is XML Anyway?
  • LINQ to XML Makes Processing XML Documents Quick and Easy
  • Use XPath Queries to Process XML Documents
  • Modify Nodes and Write XML Files
  • Store and Restore .NET Objects as XML
  • A Design Pattern for Caching Frequently Used Data in XML

About the author

Paul D. Sheriff Paul loves teaching and technology, and has been teaching tech and business topics for over 30 years. Paul helps clients develop applications, and instructs them on the best use of technology.

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