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WooMail – WooCommerce Email Customizer allows you to customize your email templates for professional resonance With your brand ... less than 7 minutes (oh, no coding language needed)

I'm as afraid of it as you are. Talking about the time struggling to customize an email template ... Compose an email Design from scratch, amount of coding knowledge required, poor design ...

It definitely takes a lot of my time. And I think it will take you too (you Many years of experience).

And even if I managed to create the entire email template, even after spending hours on it, I still feel limited. Design conditions.


You can hire a professional email marketing expert and you can pay some huge $$ to assemble a simple one motion…

I'm not saying this isn't worth it. In fact, it's worth it. But why should you spend so much money on email? Marketing expert when you can use it WooMail – WooCommerce Email Customizer.

Beautiful email design ...

easy to handle…

No coding skills required ...

Possibility of Increase sales by 12% By including Automation Product recommendations ...

And most importantly You can save a lot of time!

These are some of the cool features you can expect from now on WooCommerce Email Customizer you Let's get started!

Instead of spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on email marketing professionals, you can simply use email Customizer tool. It saves your time. It saves you money. You don't even need a basic understanding of coding knowledge.

On the other hand, with this tool, a few minutes (7 ~ (Exactly), it makes your store look authoritative.

You see, you can certainly hire a professional copywriter to assemble your email body ... and the truth is, your email is simply If the copy is bad, you will not be able to increase sales (a widespread truth) ...

Still, the copy only goes halfway.

Email design is the way to create great professional emails that literally make customers say "wow" The other part of the equation.

Imagine this:

I currently have two emails in my inbox. One is a decent design, the other has great features Looks and a great copy. I don't know you, but it seems easy to go with a decent person.

Check this out: the average person receives 84 emails per day .. And if you think you have A prominent opportunity without professional design, this cannot be far from the truth.

Yes, you can still make more sales ... but who doesn't want to make more sales? I don't think there is anyone. (At least I don't know such a thing they).

You can also easily increase your sales by creating beautiful designs and adding some of the features that WooMail brings. table…

But how can I do that?

I will show you later. Naked with me ...

You can test the functionality of your plugin before you buy. Demo URL: emailcustomizer.com/demo
username: demo
password: Demo321

As you already know, WooMail is a tool that allows you to customize your email. Drag & drop function.

Fortunately, WooMail – WooCommerce's email customization tool provides +10 email templates / blocks. Just choose With a template that resonates with your brand, you're ready to go.

It's that easy. You don't need to know the tedious code to build a beautiful email design. Just click Hold down and drag to drop. And it's magic when it comes to creating professional email designs.

When you're done, you can save your current email template for further convenience in future projects.

And here's what this email customization tool can help you:

Here are some email scenarios that you can beautifully design using plugins:

You can also now use to include dynamic information to make your email even more appealing and eye-catching. Short code. Oh, it also supports multiple languages.

WooMail – WooCommerce Email Customizer's uniqueness comes from its “product recommendation” feature. this is In fact, we've heard a lot of great stories from users (such as 12%) in a new section we recently added. Increase in sales). Simply put, it shows other recommended products that the reader can refer to based on the items he can refer to. I have purchased so far.

It's incredibly true how useful this feature is. You see, most other email customization tools are simple Provides email design. Yes, that's great. Helps stand out from the competition.

But if you really want to dominate and make more sales, this is no mistake.

Simply enable this feature to include automated product recommendations (from your side) Manage it). what happens? We have tested it with quite a few current users.

Everyone is very happy because the customers come back to the store and one in five buys another product. How nice, e?

With these simple steps, you can complete your customization and create it in minutes. Unresolved email that professionally resonates with the authority of your store.

All email templates / blocks are specially designed for the WooCommerce store. Therefore, the tool provides everything The features you need to compose WooCommerce emails actually look attractive.

Unlike other email customizers, it allows you to change not only the design of the email, but also the copy of the body.

Oh yeah, the design is gold.

But I don't know how to create an attractive design ...

Or maybe you have an idea, but it takes a lot of time to build a decent design ...

I know that feeling. I've been in your position ... nothing more annoying than spending time on activities That Please do not promote direct sales.

Instead of creating an email design, you can think of a profitable campaign that will help you grow your business.

That's why WooMail – WooCommerceEmailCustomizer provides 11 predefined email templates and 5 email templates. Predefined block. With these, you can instantly design your email frame in just minutes.

Everything about the WooMail tool is fully automated. One of the reasons why WooMail stands out is Because it provides fresh new emails and allows you to skip the manual customization part of the header. footer, etc

7 minutes. Even less than 7 minutes. That's what WooMail needs to create an entire beautifully designed email sequence. Email.

Instead of spending about 30-40 minutes customizing each email like your competitors design The entire email campaign was automated in just minutes.

Ready to launch and start making a profit. And now, with the product's recommended features, you actually Have a chance by boosting your sales by 12% ..

Work quickly and easily with over 10 predefined templates and blocks

You can create your own template and save it for future use

Save time by copying an existing email template instead of creating it from scratch

Provides the opportunity to create email templates in your development environment and upload them live Website. Just a few steps:

You can use this feature as follows: Backup manager Just take your backup before upgrading your website You can send an email and restore it at any time.

The easiest way to test an email template is to write your email address.

Note: WooMail uses the wp_mail function to send email. If you want to test your email template, you need the right one To compose wp_mail With the help of some plugins you can do it very easily. for example, WP mail SMTP Plugin.

This feature helps you test your email without sending it. If you want to see your final version template

Still, are you looking for another way to test? This feature is for you, download the email template as HTML Test it in any browser or send it manually to any email address.

The most complete shortcode collection with over 50 elements. You can build and customize your email Several Available options. All shortcodes take into account different styles for easy visual editing and customization mode

Basically, a developer can add code inside a function and register the function in WordPress as follows: a Being a shortcode, you need a basic knowledge of PHP to create dynamic custom shortcodes.

Please do not hesitate to let us know. Add to Roadmap , Then start implementing that functionality in your plugin.

To use this plug-in, you need the following software:

WooMail - WooCommerce Email Customizer

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