WooCommerce POS Complimentary Goods

WooCommerce POS Complimentary Goods Description

When you purchase a certain quantity of merchandise, the WooCommerce POS complement will automatically add the free merchandise to your POS cart.

A POS user wants to offer a customer a free product in exchange for a specific quantity of products.

The administrator establishes rules for free products and products offered as a bonus to clients.

Note – This plugin is a Webkul add-on POS system For WooCommerce. Therefore, to use this plugin, you must first purchase the WooCommerce POS plugin.

Dear customer, if you have any questions / questions, please raise your ticket at webkul.uvdesk.com .. We will do our best to respond as quickly as possible. Please do not offer low rates without contacting support for the issues you face. We will be happy to help you at any time.

1-Free items will be offered at the point of sale

2-Select a free gift for the client

3-Set the purchase quantity to include free items.

4-Establish rules

Customers can receive great things if the administrator establishes rules for complementary items.

Customers play an important role in the success and development of any business.

It is your main responsibility to ensure that they have a comfortable shopping experience in your store.

The WooCommerce Affiliate Plugin is a marketing tool that helps merchants promote their stores.

With the WooCommerce POS Free Items module, you can make your clients feel special.

Giving a free gift on a customer's first transaction is a great way to attract satisfied customers to POS. Bonus items will be added automatically when you purchase a certain quantity.

WooCommerce POS Complimentary Goods

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