WooCommerce Colors and Swatches for Variations

WooCommerce Colors and Swatches for Variations Description

Use the swatches of all product variations to provide your customers with the best shopping experience

Variations of WooCommerce colors and swatches Helps you to view different product variations in your online store. This plugin allows e-commerce store owners to easily customize sample products to attributes such as color, size, type, and quantity.

WooCommerce sample Significantly improve the customer experience and increase sales. Smart variation swatches organize product variations and make it easy for customers to buy the variation they are looking for. WooCommerce color swatch It provides a beautiful and clean look to your online store that attracts more customers. ..

Important Notices

Starting with this updated version 1.0.7, the WooCommerce Colors and Swatches plugin and its support WP swing

WP Swings is an improvised, rebranded version with all the high quality solutions that will help you to be the same, so don't worry at the end. please Connect with us Without hesitation for all setup, support, and update related queries

Visit the demo to experience the unparalleled benefits of the plugin and explore the settings.

Color and sample front-end demo: click here

Q. Does the plugin display color or image swatches on shop and category pages?

A. Yes, color or image swatches will appear on the Shop and Category page. ..

Q. How do I enable swatches globally for all variable products?

A. Yes, it can be done using global attributes, so merchants just follow these simple steps. 1: WooCommerce- & gt; Product- & gt; Attribute. 2: Click the attribute (color)-& gt; Then all variations are listed (black, blue, black-silver, black-green, etc.). 3: Click Configure Term-Click on it to list all variations. 4: Select a variation-& gt; Click Edit (button)-& gt; From there there is a "Display Type" option where you can select the thumbnail image / color / text to display on the front end. 5: This setting works globally for all global attributes and swatches are visible on all products.

Q. How many variations can be created for each product?

A. You can create variations according to your requirements.

Q. How can I remove the dropdown option and keep only the variation (color / size)?

A. First, you need to go to wooCommerce's product settings, select the product, then go to the variation sample settings, and then set the sample values ​​according to your requirements.

This plugin does not store sensitive user data and is not GDPR compliant. It only holds information related to the software run by WordPress & amp ;. Holder WooCommerce.

Thank you for your interest Variations of WooCommerce colors and swatches , WP swing.

WooCommerce Colors and Swatches for Variations

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