Vue.js 2 par la pratique

Vue.js 2 par la pratique

Vue.js 2 par la pratique Udemy Course

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Vue.js 2 par la pratique Course Créé par Code Concept formations Mongo Express Angular Node React Vue.

Vue.js 2 par la pratique has 3.8 rating out of 5 based on 318 students. Currently this course has 1 291 participants. Course langwage is Français.

Vue.js 2 par la pratique Course Description

Vue.js is an emerging JavaScript framework. It deserves attention, not only because he is a new kid on the block, but above all because he was born well. The author is a former member of the excellent Meteor framework team. Vue.js also allows large frameworks like Angular to be tailored for single page apps (SPAs), making it easy to augment existing web applications that don't easily fit into existing sites.

Vue.js is version 2. Join the nearly 55,000 developers who aren't afraid to disappear, benefit from the maturity of Vue.js and are happy with it by giving it a star rating on GitHub.

Since 2003, web developer at public (SNCF, URSSAF, EDF...) and private (Iron Mountain, Jouve, CDiscount...) client companies, Samir Medjdoub, manager of Rennes company "Code Concept", author. Over 30 courses since 2016

As a trainer for Masters 1 and 2 students, as well as a Zoom trainer in France and Switzerland, and a bootcamp trainer as a trainer for corporate developers, he lets you quickly build your skills on the most popular frameworks and libraries on the market.< /p>

The future is very bright for JavaScript developers (Front, Back or Fullstack!). Investing in JavaScript frameworks, platforms, and libraries has huge opportunities in 2021 thanks to the advanced training provided by Code Concept.

Vue.js 2 par la pratique Course for

  • Développeurs web en poste, freelances, étudiant(e)s en informatique, autodidactes motivé(e)s

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