Using HttpClient to Consume APIs in .NET Pluralsight

Using HttpClient to Consume APIs in .NET Pluralsight

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This course will teach you how to consume APIs with HttpClient in .NET.

What you'll learn

APIs don't need to be difficult. In this course, Using HttpClient to consume APIs in .NET, you’ll learn to integrate your .NET applications with an API. First, you’ll explore HttpClient internals and basic CRUD interaction. Next, you’ll discover how to work with streams, compression and how to cancel requests that are no longer needed. Finally, you’ll learn how to improve the reliability of your requests and how to write unit tests that use HttpClient. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of using HttpClient needed to integrate your .NET application with an API..

Table of contents

  • Course Overview
  • Understanding Integration with an API Using HttpClient
  • Handling Common Types of Integration (CRUD)
  • Improving Performance with Partial Updates
  • Improving Performance and Memory Use with Streams
  • Supporting Cancellation
  • Improving HttpClient Instance Management with HttpClientFactory
  • Handling Faults and Errors
  • Extending HttpClient with Custom HttpMessageHandlers
  • Unit Testing with HttpClient

About the author

Kevin Dockx Kevin Dockx is a freelance solution architect (mobile/web), author & consultant, living in Antwerp (Belgium).

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