Understanding Financial Statements

Understanding Financial Statements

Understanding Financial Statements Udemy Course

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Understanding Financial Statements Course Created by Debi Peverill.

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Understanding Financial Statements Course Description

What do board members need to understand about financial statements and budgets in order to perform their duties? Definitely things like:

This course provides an easy-to-understand basic knowledge for directors to sit comfortably at the conference room table when financial statements and budgets are delivered.

Learning Objectives

Debi J. Peverill is a unique character, a certified public accountant with a sense of humor. She enjoys helping business owners and managers avoid financial mistakes and protecting them from governments and banks. For her sake, she has written her easy-to-read series of financial books and has taken the time to talk to her group of business owners and managers to share her own wisdom and insights.

Debi founded three businesses in 1988, including Peverill & Associates, a public accounting firm, after spending ten years in a state-owned accounting firm. In 1998 she founded SBR Communications Inc., a vehicle for public speaking and publishing interests. In 2013, Painless Financial Training Group Inc. was created to provide people with the financial information they need to know to avoid problems and make more money.

She is an excellent trainer. Debi teaches financial management courses in the Executive and Professional Development program, the Diploma in Management program, and the Executive Masters of Business Administration program at Saint Mary's University in Halifax, NS.

Understanding Financial Statements Course for

  • This course is for anyone who serves or who is considering serving as a director or board member of a corporation, society or charity.

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