Understand CodeIgniter Framework 3

Understand CodeIgniter Framework 3

Understand CodeIgniter Framework 3 Udemy Course

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Understand CodeIgniter Framework 3 Course Created by StudyEasy Organisation, Chaand Sheikh.

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Understand CodeIgniter Framework 3 Course Description

What is the course?

This course is about the Codeigniter framework. More information on this framework can be found at the end of the documentation. The Codeigniter framework for PHP is ideal for rapid application development. Our team researched and created this easy-to-understand course.

How is the course organized?

Of course, this structure is easy to understand because it has been researched and created by the team. StudyEasy!

Why do you take this course?

This is very easy to understand. The team has made every effort to make this course short and powerful.

---------------------------------------- About the framework ---- ------------------------------------

Why CodeIgniter?

A framework with a small footprint

CodeIgniter3 has a 2MB download that includes a user guide.

Clear documentation

The CodeIgniter User Guide is included with the download. It includes an overview, tutorials, some "how-to" guides, and reference documentation for the components that make up the framework.

Compatibility with standard hosting

CodeIgniter3 only requires PHP 5.2.4 and works well on almost any shared or dedicated hosting platform. Many web apps require a database, and CodeIgniter supports the most common ones, including MySQL.

No coding rules with restrictions

Use your own coding and naming conventions, but with some caveats to deal with class name conflicts. CodeIgniter seems to empower you rather than bind you.

A simple solution that goes beyond complexity

CodeIgniter recommends MVC, but does not enforce it.

Outstanding performance

CodeIgniter has always outperformed most of its competitors.

No large monolithic library

CodeIgniter isn't about to be everything for everyone. It's a lean MVC framework that has enough features to increase productivity while providing third party add-ons / plugins for additional features.

Nearly zero configuration

Much of CodeIgniter's configuration is customary. For example, place the model in the "models" folder. There are still some configuration options available via the script in the "config" folder.

No template language required

CodeIgniter comes with a simple replacement-based template tool. Add-ons / plugins are available in most full-fledged template engines if it's something you're used to.

Increase your time away from your computer

Don't you want everyone? CodeIgniter is easy to learn and familiar with.

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Understand CodeIgniter Framework 3 Course for

  • PHP developers
  • People willing to create websites and web application
  • PHP basic knowledge required
  • People who what rapid application development
  • PHP basics

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