Transform your life with NLP!

Transform your life with NLP!

Transform your life with NLP! Udemy Course

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Transform your life with NLP! Course Created by Jeremiah Rangel.

Transform your life with NLP! has 4.3 rating out of 5 based on 3053 students. Currently this course has 50,192 students. Course langwage is English.

Transform your life with NLP! Course Description

Introducing Neuro-Linguistic Psychology (NLP) may change your life positively!

This course introduces cutting-edge technology that has freed people from anxiety, phobias, trauma, PTSD, old baggage and limited unnecessary beliefs for over 40 years. Watch a live seminar explaining one of the greatest discoveries humanity has ever made, given the convenience of PCs, smartphones and tablets. Not only will you learn why NLP is a vital part of your personal growth and transformation, but you will also be able to see how NLP actually works through two live demonstrations.

This may just be what you were waiting to learn.

Jeremiah Langer is an awakened teacher born to teach people how to move beyond their limits. He travels around the world and shares gifts with everyone who is ready to receive help. Over the last 18 years, he has helped thousands of people change their lives. See the links on his website for his flagship courses.

In 1998, Jeremiah began his professional journey at the Positive Health Company in St. Paul, Minnesota. Under Roger Erikson, he laid the foundations for five years as a personal trainer (corrective exercise core specialist) and nutrition coach. Working directly with elite professional athletes and five different divisions 1, 2, and 3 college sports teams, he quickly grew into an elite-level personal trainer. In 2004, he was granted advanced mental training from the Meta Institute, a prestigious international life coaching school in the Golden Valley, Minnesota. Here he learned the cutting-edge transformation techniques available and became a more balanced healing practitioner. After graduating as an honor student, he was invited to help freshmen teach new students how to overcome personal blocks. His passion for continuous evolution led him to the Golden City of India in 2006. Here he began to transform completely as a human being. Here he studied and trained with the best spiritual masters the world has ever known. He has a direct and lasting relationship with God that he uses to learn, awaken, and help people in the art of spiritual growth.

Jeremiah has created a unique and highly effective coaching system that draws from his endless skill set. Every day he is looking for better and easier ways to teach people how to lead to happiness, health and wealth in all areas of life.

Contact him directly at for upcoming online and face-to-face courses and training.

Awakened One Nest Trainer, Life Mastery Coach, NLP Trainer, Hypnosis Trainer

Transform your life with NLP! Course for

  • This course is great for anyone who has a need to further develop themselves and wants to learn better ways to live. If you enjoy new tricks and cutting edge techniques that will positively transform your life then this course is for you!

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