Traktor Tips - Basics Course

Traktor Tips - Basics Course

Traktor Tips - Basics Course Udemy Course

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Traktor Tips - Basics Course Course Created by Alan Churchill.

Traktor Tips - Basics Course has 4.6 rating out of 5 based on 14 students. Currently this course has 137 students. Course langwage is English.

Traktor Tips - Basics Course Course Description

Purchasing new DJ software is exciting, but facing a screen full of buttons and options that you're not entirely familiar with can quickly dissipate this excitement. Then you often have to search the web to find a suitable tutorial video. This can waste hours or days digging through the numerous online videos that waste time and produce scattered results.

This tried and tested 'basic course' by Alan from Traktor Tips saves you time and effort and gives you the skills you need to create your first mix and upload it to a new online audience.

If you've been using Traktor for weeks or months, you'll probably pick up on some workflow tips to help you become a better DJ.

This course had hundreds of students when it was previously hosted on my personal site, traktortips. Due to a recent popular request, we have decided to re-enable the course here on Udemy.

My name is Alan. My DJ career began at the young age of 14 and over the last 20 years I've gained experience in all areas of DJ's, playing with countless people from nightclubs to weddings and playing at the world famous Godskitchen's house in Birmingham. . UK. He toured the world, playing in Australia, New Zealand, England, and finally resting in Canada, becoming a resident DJ at a nightclub in Whistler, BC.

I trained DJs at the School of Remix in Vancouver and taught a variety of software programs to many people while working as a one-on-one trainer at Apple.

I created Traktor Tips, a popular DJ website that has helped millions of people realize their potential to become successful DJs.

Traktor Tips - Basics Course Course for

  • Completely new to Traktor
  • Thinking about switching your DJ software to Traktor
  • Have recently began using Traktor, but want some helpful hints and tips to improve your basic skills.

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