The Secrets of Self-Motivation Mastery

The Secrets of Self-Motivation Mastery

The Secrets of Self-Motivation Mastery Udemy Course

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The Secrets of Self-Motivation Mastery Course Created by Akanksha (Akanksshaa) Kulkarni.

The Secrets of Self-Motivation Mastery has 4.5 rating out of 5 based on 9 students. Currently this course has 682 students. Course langwage is English.

The Secrets of Self-Motivation Mastery Course Description

Do you feel it

Are you not good enough / not confident enough?

Are you bored / frustrated / enough?

You hate your job, do you need it for that salary? !!

Do you feel that your energy is exhausted even in the early morning? !!

Are you worried about the consequences of the work you do?

Do people try to discourage you when you try to pick something up?

If you can relate to these issues, this course is for you!

What are the secrets of the most successful people in every field? Do you think they made no mistakes in their lives, did they feel depressed or depressed at any point in their lives? What did they do? How did they maintain their motivation and motivation to achieve what they wanted in life?

If you are reading this online, you really have the commitment and determination to reach your goals. Most people don't spend time educating themselves in your way. Therefore, this course is perfect for people like you. It's especially for people like you, and we're spelling out its secrets with a step-by-step approach, so we want to increase inspiration and motivation every day.

In this course, we introduced the secrets of motivation and inspiration. In this course, you will not only learn the theory, but also receive methods and tools that can be applied systematically to keep your life motivated.

This course includes 29 lectures, 9 tasks to apply learning, 9 quizzes to enjoy learning, an exclusive energizer, and guided meditation for internalization.

While learning some of the tools they teach at B School, you will also have the hands-on experience of applying the methods to have that great motivation!

I am happy to share with you the secrets of motivation. This course describes a 10-point motivation model for motivating and achieving goals in all areas of life. We look forward to this exciting journey!

What are the requirements?

Pens, paper, markers, sticky notes

MS Office installed on your PC / laptop for some exercises

Open your mind, learn, absorb, and drive your course to use techniques

Commitment, integrity and patience to practice and complete the techniques learned in the course

What do you get from this course? : At the end of the course, you will be able to:

Inspire and motivate yourself and others

Identify and use endogenous drivers and extrinsic drives to be spontaneous or spontaneous

Fight procrastination and win victory

Achieve goals in the areas of economics, emotions, health and relationships

Deal with difficult situations and be the winner

Improve energy, enthusiasm, motivation, efficiency and productivity

Apply a pioneering 10-point motivation model and transform yourself to sprint for success

Lead people by inspiring and influencing people

Fully charge and get ready for life

What is your target audience?

Anyone must take the course

I'm looking to maximize his / her potential to be the best

Are you lazy, have a habit of procrastination, or are unmotivated

I have a habit of starting something new, but I give up too soon

I want to attack difficult situations and come out as a winner

I want to improve efficiency and productivity

I want to lead employees

I want to learn cool and fun exercises to keep me inspired and motivated

I want to see my own upgraded version

You can be a business, entrepreneur, housewife, student, or leader or manager of anyone who wants to lose weight, start exercising, or stop bad habits such as smoking and alcohol.

This course is

I have no intention of trying new methods or taking action.

I think they know everything about motivation.

I have no intention of changing or are not ready to change.

Akanksshaa is the founder of Mindset & Wellbeing Coach, Positive Intelligence Coach, Rapid Results Coach, Growth Catalyst, Teacher / Mentor and MindNBeyond. She is also the founder and administrative councilor of the NGO-Arnav Kulkarni Memorial Foundation.

Akanksshaa supports a new version for people to rewire their minds (create affluence, increase vibration and energy), create affluence in all areas of life and lead a fulfilling life. ..

She has over 25 years of diverse experience in coaching / training / mentoring / reading / management / strategic planning, creativity and innovation at the large corporate and individual levels. She has won several awards in the corporate world. She has an MBA from one of India's top B schools. She has been a spiritual teacher for the past 10 years.

Akanksshaa combines eclectic and diverse tools, techniques and methods based on neuroscience, positive psychology and spirituality to strengthen individual thinking, enrich happiness and unleash inner power. We support you to live your life to the fullest. She believes in an intuitive, meaningful, playful yet structured approach. She believes in the destructive reinvention of the individual's "self." If a person wants to be his best version, he needs to grow by breaking the set patterns and eliminating mental models and blocks that are no longer useful to the individual.

She advocates overall happiness, happiness, and prosperity according to everyday habits such as meditation, pranayama (breathing), and Sanskrit.

Akanksshaa shares her secrets and coach / mentor people in different disciplines through different services. Join us in this exciting journey.

The Secrets of Self-Motivation Mastery Course for

  • Anyone who: is looking for maximizing his/ her potential of becoming his/ her best
  • is lazy or has a habit of procrastinating or lacks motivation
  • has a habit of starting something new but giving up too early
  • wants to attack challenging situations and come out as winner
  • wants to increase their efficiency and productivity

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