The History of English

The History of English

The History of English Udemy Course

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The History of English Course Created by Scott Shay.

A Linguistic Introduction.

The History of English has 4.5 rating out of 5 based on 40 students. Currently this course has 183 students . Course langwage is

English .

The History of English Course Instructor Scott Shay (Linguist).

Course for

  • People interested in language and history wishing to learn more about how the English we speak today came about
  • People with an interest in learning more about linguistics
  • People who would like to learn the skills needed to begin reading and translating ancient texts on their own (this course is a great precursor to a full-fledged college-level course in Old, Middle, or Early Modern English language and/or literature)


This course is for people interested in the history of the English language, from its humble beginnings to the international language it is today. The course teaches you basic concepts in theoretical and historical linguistics as it traces the history of the language over thousands of years. You do not need to have any prior knowledge of linguistics to take this course, or knowledge of any language other than English. Do you want to learn about where English came from? And see (and hear!) how it has changed over millennia? Then this course is for you!

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