The Complete Kemp VLM Load Balancer Course

The Complete Kemp VLM Load Balancer Course

The Complete Kemp VLM Load Balancer Course Udemy Course

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The Complete Kemp VLM Load Balancer Course Course Created by Mike Walton.

The Complete Kemp VLM Load Balancer Course has 4.6 rating out of 5 based on 154 students. Currently this course has 851 students. Course langwage is English.

The Complete Kemp VLM Load Balancer Course Course Description

With over 30,000 deployments worldwide, KEMP Technologies is an industry leader in advanced layer 2-7 load balancing.

Improve your career by installing and configuring your Kemp VLM load balancer and learning how to make your company's applications highly available.

As web applications become more and more popular, administrators need to know how to keep them highly available, secure, and scalable based on traffic load.

Kemp VLM can do more than that.

The Kemp VLM Load Balancer Course provides high-level, detailed instructions for installing, setting up, and configuring your Kemp VLM load balancer. This course uses network terminology that you need to understand at least to some extent before registering.

All lectures are video and most of them are directly configured with a Kemp VLM load balancer.

Provides all the tools and information you need to follow along with the demo (except of the computer, of course).

Mike has been working in the IT field since 2000 and has played various roles in IT. Mike started out as a help desk employee working with end users to fix minor computer problems and help teach new users with different hardware and software features. A few years later, he moved on to more system administrator roles, where he was involved in the implementation and maintenance of networks and server equipment with up to 25 servers and about 200 users. This includes the Microsoft Server operating system and Cisco network equipment.

From there, he became a system administrator responsible for over 300 servers, over 400 users and network administrators.

Mike has grown up to use a variety of hardware and software, both on the server side and on the network side. Mike has experience working with all current versions of Microsoft Windows (both server and desktop) and Linux operating systems up to 2016. He has experience with various storage solutions such as EMC, NetApp and Dell. He has extensive experience with network hardware such as Cisco switches, routers and servers, Dell switches and Kemp load balancers. Mike's current area of ​​expertise is the implementation and support of unified communications.

Mike always enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with others to help them grow professionally and personally. He also enjoys putting together presentations that help different types of learners understand the material. He specifically uses videos, presentations, audio, quizzes, demos, and interactive demos.

The Complete Kemp VLM Load Balancer Course Course for

  • IT Professionals Looking to Advance their career
  • Network Administrators looking for an affordable Load Balancer
  • Technology enthusiasts who want to learn more about Load Balancers and Kemp
  • Anyone who wants to know how to keep their servers highly available using a Kemp VLM

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