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The  Book Launch Method

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The Book Launch Method Course Created by Kimberly Rempel.

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The Book Launch Method Course Description

After years of studying successful people such as

author Jeff Goins, book release expert Tim Grahl, and marketing guru Bryan Harris, I have personally chosen the techniques and tools for publishing my book. In the end, we not only doubled our email list in 24 hours, but also created a 24-hour book release.

Course Overview

We're going to use a few weather fronts at a time to create a storm.

1: Influencers will spread the word and influence others to buy your book.

2: We will encourage people to buy within the launch period by offering a time-sensitive bonus that can only be used during the launch period.

3: To keep fans, followers, and readers eagerly waiting for a buying opportunity, we're announcing a few weeks in advance.

4: You will get a social media buzz (organically, not paid ads) driven by your buyers and fans. We will do this with two key elements. That said, it's a bonus incentive for those who spread the word, and the creation of highly shareable images and quotes that fans can easily share.

This course has 6 modules that guide you through the process of creating a 24-hour book publication. This course includes running steps, a downloadable workbook, and video walkthroughs of some of the tools you used to create your own release.

We've tried to be as comprehensive as possible to give you everything you need for a successful launch.

Are you ready?

Hello, I'm Kim. Writer, editor, coach. I help writers and entrepreneurs build businesses. Let's discover the cool things hidden to reach more people, grab their attention, and make an impact. My motivation is to inspire others and help people discover and share important messages. Over the years of editing, I have worked with public speaker and Amazing Race winner Tim Hague Sr., Paralympic Team Canada medalist Kevin Rempel, former executive director of Christian Higher Education Canada Al Hiebert, public speaker and Herky Cutler, Doris Belland and Laura Baxter. same educator.

I help writers and entrepreneurs in several ways:

As a writer, I want to transform your ideas into engaging content that can engage with readers.

As an editor, I will cut the scalpel softly but firmly to remove anything that distracts the reader from the message. (See my Facebook link or website for free trial editing)

As a marketer, I will apply my knowledge and experience to help your business expand online and market your books effectively.

As a coach, we will help you establish a marketing strategy, content strategy, or guide you step-by-step through the difficult process. From marketing to publishing or selling your book, we'll help you take your next step. .

The Book Launch Method Course for

  • Authors who are tired of flat launches with no results
  • Authors who want to build their email lists
  • Authors who want to sell books online

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