The 101 of Freelancing

The 101 of Freelancing

The 101 of Freelancing Udemy Course

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The 101 of Freelancing Course Created by Sayed Md Sakib Hossain.

The 101 of Freelancing has 3.8 rating out of 5 based on 112 students. Currently this course has 10,184 students. Course langwage is English.

The 101 of Freelancing Course Description

How do I know if I want to become a freelancer? To be honest, there were times when I initially thought it might not be a good fit for me. In the meantime, I've seen a lot of freelancers thrive... And of course, there's nothing wrong with that. The first thing to note is that freelancing isn't for everyone.

Doing business today is much more difficult than it was in the 20th century. Competition has risen to a new level, creating a lot of uncertainty among business owners.

The goal of the course is to give you an idea of ​​the skills needed to work as a freelancer. I would suggest to follow each and every topic that will be discussed in the course. By following the topics, you will quickly understand the skills you need to work as a freelancer.

There are some cool and interesting topics you will learn as you go through this course. As you progress, you need to apply your learning to get the most out of it. Taking action is the key to success. So it's a good idea to take action as you go through the process.

As you proceed, questions may arise. I know I am your back. If you have any questions, ask me. We are happy to answer all your questions. If your question has been answered before, please check out the question thread. If not, why not ask a question?

I sincerely hope that you will learn a lot from this process. Take action as you go through the process. Again, don't procrastinate.

Taking action is the key to success. Take a look at the process and look forward to seeing you in it....

In this digital world, most are known as Sayed. Learning and getting people to learn is always my passion. In these few years of my career, I have learned a lot and still have a lot to learn. I am always open to new opportunities, passionate about technology, education, planning, playing English and am an avid researcher. I am the CEO and Founder of CloudMinds IT.


• Startups,

• Entrepreneurship,

• Business Development,

• Business operations,

• Strong communication skills,

• Time management,

• Talent Recruitment,

• Employee Relations,

• Quality Assurance,

• Customer Relationship Management and International Affairs,

• Customer service and employee satisfaction.

• Powerful data miners,

• Interpersonal skills,

• IT technology (website, software, networking)

• Brand Management

• Build strong working relationships and trust,

• Recruitment,

• Strong negotiation skills,

• Internet research,

• Passive Candidate Search,

• Networking,

• Company Research ,

• Sourcing, Internet Sourcing,

• Training new employees

• Social networking.

The 101 of Freelancing Course for

  • Anyone who wants to join in the field of Freelancing.

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