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Newsletters have been an important area of ​​marketing since the beginning of the web. It has been, and will continue to be, an essential communication tool for brands and businesses to share new content and product updates. Social media is hugely popular, but there is no substitute for email. Most users want to keep their business in their personal inbox and keep their personal life on social networks.

Responsive templates are important for email marketing campaigns, given that roughly 330 billion emails are sent and received per day this year, and more than 90% of them will be viewed or opened on mobile devices. Never been higher.

As you may already know, designing a simple HTML email is a challenge in itself. However, it is much more difficult to create an email that works well with all email clients and works on a variety of mobile devices and screen sizes.

Thankfully, there are many designers and developers who have done most of the work for them by creating easy-to-edit and responsive newsletter templates that work well on all email clients and devices. You can find the 10 Best Responsive Email & Newsletter Templates below.

1. Gravity - Responsive Creative Email + Builder


  • Save Option
  • Upload Option
  • Drag & Drop, Duplicate or Hide Modules
  • Change Colours etc.

2. Sentinel - Responsive Email + StampReady Builder


  • Template Builder by StampReady
  • Responsive Email Template
  • Drag & Drop in StampReady
  • Unlimited Colors etc.

3. Freya - Notification Email Templates


  • 20 Notification & Transactional Email templates
  • Fully Responsive Email
  • Compatible with Modules Composer - Online Email Builder
  • How to use instructions etc.

4. Mount - 300+ Modules E-mail Template


  • Modern and Clean Design
  • Responsive Design
  • Mailchimp Ready
  • Campaign monitor Ready etc

5. Dazzle - Photography Email Newsletter Template


  • Documentation
  • Campaign Monitor
  • MailChimp
  • Mymail etc.

6. Flike Responsive Newsletter Email Template


  • Responsive Multipurpose Email Template
  • Fits in every screen
  • Widely supported code for old and modern browsers
  • Widely supported email service provider like mailchimp, stampready etc.

7. Nonprofit Plus - Email Pack


  • 150+ Unique Modules
  • 9 Attractive Nonprofit Category Demos
  • Attractive Modules
  • All Elements HTML & Stampready files included etc .

8. Magnum-Responsive Email Template


  • Responsive Email Template
  • Drag & Drop Editor
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Full Layred PSD files

9. Vinto - Responsive Email + Themebuilder Access


  • Full Width Design
  • Clean Commented Code
  • Campaign Monitor
  • Documentation

10. Sartre - Responsive Email Design Toolkit


  • Fully responsive, even in Gmail mobile apps
  • Free Online Builder (StampReady)
  • Easily change background images in MailChimp
  • Compatible with 30+ email clients – tested with Email on Acid etc

That's it!!

Go ahead and find the right template for your website to give it a whole new look and enhancements. With these Email templates, you can certainly nurture a growing audience and increase conversion rates.

That's it from our side. Stay Tuned for more updates

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