Testes Automáticos + Curso COMPLETO de Teste de Software

Testes Automáticos + Curso COMPLETO de Teste de Software

Testes Automáticos + Curso COMPLETO de Teste de Software Udemy Course

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Testes Automáticos + Curso COMPLETO de Teste de Software Course Criado por Gustavo Farias 250.000+ Alunos.

Testes Automáticos + Curso COMPLETO de Teste de Software has 4.7 rating out of 5 based on 6746 students. Currently this course has 16.201 alunos. Course langwage is Português.

Testes Automáticos + Curso COMPLETO de Teste de Software Course Description

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Did you know that lack of quality testing is the number one reason software projects fail?

And did you know that software testing specialists are in high demand and therefore scarce in the market?

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## UDEMY's best-selling testing course with over 10,000 students

Warning: If there are many theories, be careful of 'bla bla bla', which is difficult to memorize and even understand. The course is very simple and practical, allowing you to quickly and easily understand everything, get ready-to-use templates to apply to your projects, and manage your simulated projects from start to finish using the world's most sought-after tools for project planning. .

Test Automation + Software Testing Fundamentals: Differentiators for Outstanding Opportunities in the IT Market

You will master the key skills for software testing, as well as everything you need to become a prominent and recognized person to seize great opportunities in the job market.

With simple language, lots of motivation, and real-world examples, you'll learn several skills that can make you a professional tester by saving a lot of time and money and adding tremendous value through the use of automated testing. to the company you work for.

If you follow the teachings I will give you in this course, no doubt you will be able to completely conquer new opportunities in your life and professional career. Even if you don't know anything about the subject today and even if you think you do, you don't have the profile to be a tester or design high quality tests.

Take this course if you wish:

. Master the basics of testing and automated software testing, the skills involved, and types and levels of testing.

. Receive guidance on how to become a HIGH LEVEL tester and turn it into immediate and concrete opportunities in the job market.

. To master what less than 5% of professionals do to gain recognition in the job market and a good salary

. You can plan and manage your tests with a predictive approach.

. Assumes the relevant position and leadership in the project to be worked on.

. Choosing where to work, being different and above average in the job market.

## Written by GUSTAVO FARIAS, the world's #1 instructor for online courses in business with over 200,000 students

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Assessment (what do students say about this course?)

Wow!!! Congratulations, Professor. Gustav!! Your teaching is amazing and very objective, based on real cases. This is very important when you want to pass on your knowledge and do it with excellence. - Adrian Bell

"Great course! A fast and very didactic methodology. I highly recommend it to anyone just starting out in the world of testing." - Carina Januario

"It's well explained! And the fact that the automated tests were practiced helped me a lot!" - Eduardo Fernandez

"This is a very different course. The teacher explains clearly and deeply about test concepts, execution strategies, and documentation. He also talks about the added value of learning these concepts and, at least for me, the values ​​are: I like it. Knowing that I have this information can increase my professional life. I recommend it."

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During the additional course, you will receive a tool that the experts will actually use and ready to use to manage the tests in your project.

[Extra 01] This is a worksheet for managing system tests.

[Extra 02] A worksheet for managing pass tests.

[Extra 03] Worksheet for managing alpha and beta testing.

[Extra 04] Provide example projects and presentations to help companies implement automated testing.

[Extra 05] 1 hour of personal consulting/coaching by Gustavo Farias at 50% off

[COUNT ON ME] 100% response to students within 24 hours.

[Guarantee] This course has a 30-day money-back guarantee. So no risk!

Gustavo Farias is an entrepreneur specializing in project management and high productivity (individual and team). Over the years, we have helped more than 200,000 professionals and entrepreneurs achieve their goals in their projects, business and personal lives more successfully.

"My goal is to help as many people as possible get high salaries and differentiate themselves in the job market."

He is the founder of Proj4me, a 100% Brazilian online project management system designed to help any team professionally manage projects, teams and tasks without any knowledge of project management.

He is also the founder of Você Gestor, an online course and training company with over 200,000 students.

He is certified as a Project Management Specialist (PMP) by PMI and has worked as a project manager in various areas of the Brazilian and European markets, including information technology, architecture, engineering, consulting, and Marketing and car sharing.

“One of the greatest joys I have in life is helping others overcome obstacles and utilize their careers through project management and other knowledge that will contribute to their growth.” Gustavo is the #1 instructor in the world on Udemy. Business area, +200,000 students and several best-selling courses on the Internet. Among them:

### Agile management with full scrum + 3 bonus courses

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### Intensive Leadership Course + Additional Negotiation Course

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### Automated testing + full software testing process

+10,000 students

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Testes Automáticos + Curso COMPLETO de Teste de Software Course for

  • Profissionais de T.I. (Tecnologia da Informação) que não possuem perfil de testador de software, mas que precisam desenvolver habilidades de um testador para agarrar novas oportunidades e assumir mais responsabilidades
  • Programadores de qualquer nível de experiência que desejam adquirir um grande diferencial sendo especialista também em teste de software, o que o torna alguém especial para as empresas
  • Universitários pró-ativos de cursos de T.I. (ex.: Sistemas de Informação, Ciência da Computação, etc.) que sabiamente querem desenvolver as habilidades de um testador de software desde cedo, visando ser um profissional diferenciado no mercado de trabalho
  • Programadores que desejam reduzir consideravelmente os retrabalhos com correções através da automação de testes

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