Storytelling for link building and content marketing

Storytelling for link building and content marketing

Storytelling for link building and content marketing Udemy Course

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Storytelling for link building and content marketing Course Created by Ken McGaffin.

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Storytelling for link building and content marketing Course Description

A story approach to content marketing and link building focuses on discovering 'people stories' through one-on-one interviews with important audiences and turning those stories into engaging web content. Content that will help you stay ahead of the competition.

As you know, today's content marketing is becoming increasingly competitive. Everyone wants the powerful benefits of great content, but to be successful, your content must stand out from the rest.

It's quite difficult, but using real people's stories can make your content stand out.

Inspiring examples of well-written and successful blogs, as well as examples from the BBC, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and many other major news outlets. We'll show you how pioneering publishers at local, national and international levels are harnessing the power of people's stories and how you can do exactly the same!

Practitioners in practice

This course is very practical. You will learn from two active practitioners who work every day in content marketing and link building. Ken has over 30 years of experience in public relations, content marketing and link building, and Kristina Welch is an experienced journalist and now a full-time content marketer.

Both have interviewed hundreds of people, wrote engaging content based on their responses, and successfully promoted hundreds of blogs and news sites. Over the past two years, Kristina and Ken have pioneered the story approach to gaining coverage from multiple publishers and valuable editorial links.

Why are human stories important?

What you will learn in this course:

In fact, you'll learn everything you need to know to use people's stories to create successful content marketing campaigns.

We'll be adding new content regularly, and of course we'll answer your questions quickly!

Thank you for visiting the lecture. The need for high-quality, unique content for the web is urgent and more urgent than ever, we want to share our knowledge of the training process and help you market, promote, and link your content.

We are sure you will enjoy the course and learn a lot. You can start applying right away. We look forward to seeing you on the course and have a great time.

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I've been working as a digital marketing and video production consultant for over 20 years, helping thousands of digital companies establish their web presence and explore new markets, including customers, journalists and bloggers alike.

Education is one of my passions. There is no greater joy than sharing my knowledge and expertise to help others pave their own successful paths. I have written and developed training programs for companies in Belfast, London, Boston and New York.

I have developed digital marketing courses for Westminster University, London Business Club and many economic development institutions. I have a degree in Psychology from Queens University Belfast, a Diploma in Marketing from the University of Ulster and I studied Entrepreneurship at Boston College, Massachusetts.

In recent years, I have worked closely with leading experts in creating highly regarded training courses and manuals for online marketers.

I write regularly for the Majestic Blog, and I also write a regular column for Search Engine Watch. I have worked for companies such as Majestic, SkilledUp, Buzzstream, and Wordtracker, and am currently the Director of PR Services at Citation Labs.

Storytelling for link building and content marketing Course for

  • Anyone who writes content for their own blog, website or elsewhere online.
  • Anyone who works in a marketing or PR role within a company or organization and needs to create exceptional content.
  • Anyone who working in SEO and link building who wants to create compelling content.
  • Anyone who is new to content writing and wants to have a powerful edge.

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