Stock Manager Advance with Point of Sale Module

Stock Manager Advance with Point of Sale Module Description

The Stock Manager Advance with POS (Point of Sale) module is a PHP / jQuery based web application that allows you to manage sales and inventory on your site.

You can update inventory information, make purchases, and view sales data from anywhere, including offices, homes, warehouses, and on the go. Everything you need to access this device on a device connected to the internet.

Stock Manager Advance has a built-in invoice and inventory system. The invoice system has taxes and discounts. These are very useful for the ability to automatically apply taxes and discounts and generate invoices from quotes.

Three styles of responsive themes, calendars to add events, daily / monthly sales and tax amounts. Detailed and improved reports on overviews, inventory values ​​per warehouse, custom sales and purchase reports.

You can now use StockManager Advance to manage multiple warehouses.

We have redesigned the POS module to improve performance, user interface, and ease of use.

Stock Manager Advance with Point of Sale Module

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