Spanish conversation lessons for beginners A1.1

Spanish conversation lessons for beginners A1.1

Spanish conversation lessons for beginners A1.1 Udemy Course

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Spanish conversation lessons for beginners A1.1 Course Created by Mara Bogado Poisson.

Spanish conversation lessons for beginners A1.1 has 4.3 rating out of 5 based on 14 students. Currently this course has 136 students. Course langwage is English.

Spanish conversation lessons for beginners A1.1 Course Description

Hey! My name is Mara, the founder and owner of the Latin American Language Center (lalcenter com), like the video logo. I was trained by Cervantes as a Spanish teacher as a second language. I have also been teaching and training teachers for 10 years. I would like to share my knowledge of this course, but if you need a live class and it's difficult to do it yourself, please visit lalcenter com or send an email to We offer Spanish classes online

Why is it Spanish? Perhaps because it's the second most spoken language in the world, or because I want to be able to add something new and useful to my resume, or just because I like how it sounds. Whatever your reason, it will be challenging and fun! And if you connect the language with something positive, it will be easier. I know it because I did it, but in English. But I feel it is much better. Getting promotions at work can be rewarding and overwhelming at first, but at the end of the day you'll feel better and have a little more content. Or, when you fall in love and consciously know that it's something you can't control, jump out of the comfort zone and fall in love. It always takes a little effort to grow, but I am satisfied and overall satisfied.

Participating in activities to get out of the comfort zone is addictive because you can feel confident and happy. Learning a language like Spanish is like these. For me, it opened the door. I made more friends because I could communicate with more people. Travel to English and Spanish speaking countries and understand other languages ​​such as Portuguese and Italian. This was a great experience. The challenge kept me moving and also motivated me to communicate with more people! Since then, my future is bright! I also opened a school to share it with you!

This program will help you achieve all of the above while learning a language by pushing you out of the comfort zone to speak with native speakers (native Spanish speakers). It provides an opportunity to experience the language as well as listen to the computer. We will help you learn not only the main things such as days and colors, but also the vocabulary that can be applied every day.

What are you going to get from this course?

-Webiner to answer your questions. You can also contact us. You can also schedule talk times for better understanding.

-While taking this course, you can confidently make new friends. That way, you can find someone to talk to.

-Learn how to introduce yourself, catch up with friends, what to do next weekend / week / month, what to do for your next vacation, and talk about your daily activities. (If you have kids, dogs, boyfriends / girlfriends, if you go to the gym often, how often and how many hours you sleep, etc.).


-Understanding English.

-I want to have fun, meet people, and get out of the comfort zone.

-Microsoft Office or equivalent (Google Docs)

-Assuming no prior knowledge of Spanish (although you can learn more if you have a Spanish background)

-Headset is recommended, but not required

-Access to the Internet or computers, laptops, smartphones / devices with sufficient data.

What is your target audience?

-Teenager / Adult (16+)

-People who are willing to meet and talk to people from different countries!

-English speakers

My name is Mara Bogado-Poisson. I am the owner and founder of the Latin American Language Center, a professional Spanish language school. It has been certified as an "International House (IH) Certificate for Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language". Since 2008, I have been preparing curriculum and teaching Spanish in both Argentina and the United States. Over the last two years, we have grown significantly because lessons are fun, efficient and, above all, cost conscious.

Latin American Language Center, Inc. (LALC) brings a new way to learn Spanish in the United States with tutoring services in Spanish, as if you were abroad. LALC offers Spanish lessons tailored to a wide range of learning styles. LALC regularly hosts Spanish events at Chicago hotspots to allow students to practice Spanish and enjoy Latin music, drinks and food in their city with Latin American culture. Provides resources for exploring. LALCenter has successfully created a lifelong community of Spanish learners and friends. If you're not in Chicago, there is an online platform where you can exchange English for Spanish.


"Opening the doors that lack the boundaries of communication by helping people get out of the comfort zone and on the path to happiness."


"To provide an affordable, efficient and enjoyable language learning experience"

Five acronyms for Spanish teachers at Latin American Language Center Inc. (LALC):

Fun and efficient


We are also focusing on Latin American languages. If you offer too much, none of them will work. We prefer to specialize, update and build educational methods to adapt to the constant changes in society, technology and globalization.

Spanish conversation lessons for beginners A1.1 Course for

  • Adults/Young Adults (16+) should take this course
  • Persons that are willing to meet people from different countries and speak!
  • Target student will be willing to speak with native Spanish speakers. Free resource options are provided in this course.
  • This course will work for you if you really want to start speaking with native Spanish speakers in a realistic time frame.
  • We teach Spanish from Latin America except for Uruguay and Argentina, which are the only countries that use "vos" instead of "tu", like the rest of the Latin American countries.

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