SocketLabs WordPress Plugin Download Free

SocketLabs WordPress Plugin Download Free

Free SocketLabs WP Plugin Download

The SocketLabs WordPress Plugin allows you to easily send email generated by WordPress through the SocketLabs Email Delivery Service.

SocketLabs is a cloud-based email delivery platform that helps to send marketing and transaction emails from one platform. SocketLabs provides skates, real-time tracking and analysis, reliable email APIs for developers, and email delivery of email marketing tools that send the following email campaigns: . WordPress provides WordPress via SocketLabs, not the default WP_Mail () function provided by WordPress. Use the SocketLabs plug-in.

WordPress SocketLabs Plugin Version is 1.0.13.

SocketLabs Plugin last modified on 08/31/2021.

SocketLabs WordPress Plugin has 4 Rating out of 5.

SocketLabs WP Plugin is Free to Download.

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