Social Meta Data for Prestashop

Social Meta Data for Prestashop Description

Social metadata It's a premium Multi shop When Multilingual The Prestashop plugin allows you to insert mata data from major social networks to fully customize how shared content is displayed.

Social metadata supports the following social networks:

Full of Over 50 configuration options When Over 30 titles and shortcode descriptions , Social Meta Data allows you to manage your metadata. Let's begin. Create great meta-content. Maximize sharing results !!

Check out the screenshots to get a feel for it!

Facebook Open Graph tags can be used on the following pages: Home Page, Product Page, Category Page, Manufacturer Page, Supplier Page, CMS Page, CMS Category Page

Twitter cards can be used on homepages, product pages, category pages, manufacturer pages, supplier pages, CMS pages, and CMS category pages.

Pinterest's Rich Pins are available on our product page.

Google Rich Snippets are available on our homepage and product pages.

Demo front end:

Social Meta Data for Prestashop

By Manish Salunke In Code Example -


Code Example


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