SmartyWP - Wordpress Admin Panel Mac, Windows

SmartyWP - Wordpress Admin Panel Mac, Windows Description

SmartyWP Mac When Windows An application that has the great advantage of having direct access to the OS compared to a browser and does not require the installation of additional plugins.

The application can save a myriad of sites that can be worked on from one window. After installation, the system has a button that allows you to select an image from anywhere. OS Immediately upload them to any website.

Simply select an image and the system will automatically create and upload a new post or page.

Creating a new element (such as a new page) in the admin panel creates a stack of images sorted by date from the OS, allowing you to upload images with just one click.

All you need to do is install the application and enter the website details, the application will do the rest.

No need to install additional plugins on your website or OS

Future versions will have more and more features and will be unlimited. For example, clicking the Edit in Photoshop button opens Photoshop, saves the image, and then automatically uploads it to your site via. When you purchase a product from the SmartyWP admin panel website, the data is automatically uploaded to your desktop, etc.

In future versions of bulk purchases:

10 years old and above = Upload files, upload files to all post types, share as text files

40 years old and over = Manage media images through the installed program, open posts in the program and then update automatically

Over 300 = Video editing, uploading various dynamic lists from the OS (eg list of programs, list of specific files, various documents, graphics, list of specific data from csv, etc.)

1k or more = Purchasers can now vote for new features, and the possibilities are endless!

SmartyWP - Wordpress Admin Panel Mac, Windows

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