Self-Publish Your eBook?

Self-Publish Your eBook?

Self-Publish Your eBook? Udemy Course

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Self-Publish Your eBook? Course Created by David James Ault.

Self-Publish Your eBook? has 4.1 rating out of 5 based on 31 students. Currently this course has 9,340 students. Course langwage is English.

Self-Publish Your eBook? Course Description

So, do you want to publish your ebook at your own expense?

Well, you are certainly not alone.

A YouGov poll published last year showed that the most desirable job in the UK is the job of a writer. In fact, 60% of those surveyed say they want to write to make a living. And, thanks to the recent developments in the self-publishing industry, perhaps there has never been a better time to realize this dream.

But is vanity press the right choice for you?

This course will help you answer this very important question by first asking a series of other questions, such as:

Why do you want to publish a book at your own expense?

What kind of book do you write?

And can you write a series of interrelated books?

Vanity Press ebooks consider concepts such as permanent free books, lead magnets, and the willingness to provide readers with high-value content completely free of charge.

Required course for all ambitious vanity presses

If you're thinking of publishing a book at your own expense, or if you're considering a part-time career as an author of a vanity press, the eBook Vanity Press course is for you!

Be sure to check out the free preview videos in the course curriculum below. I look forward to seeing you inside.

David, who worked as a marketing manager in London in the 90s and also obtained a graduate degree in marketing, decided to leave Rat Race in 2000 and head east to build a new career as an online marketer. rice field. It was during this time that he published his first book.

As a former Slovak Englishman, David started an online business and wrote non-fiction books in various niches. In particular, freelance translations, ESL, everything in Slovakia. He also taught Business English to Slovak companies and individuals, lectured at universities and other educational institutions, where he was passionate about teaching.

Over the last few years, from a mountain house in the heart of Europe, David has focused primarily on on-demand printing and vanity press. During that time, he created over 5,000 designs and published over 1,000 books. In addition to this, David teaches more than 50,000 students online courses, primarily in the niche of on-demand printing and vanity press, and is currently in the process of writing his first YA fiction novel series.

Self-Publish Your eBook? Course for

  • Anyone, who is thinking about self-publishing a book
  • Anyone, who is considering beginning a part-time career as a self-published author

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