RWD 響應式 網頁 程式設計 入門

RWD 響應式 網頁 程式設計 入門

RWD 響應式 網頁 程式設計 入門 Udemy Course

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RWD 響應式 網頁 程式設計 入門 Course 建立者: Brat Terminator.

RWD 響應式 網頁 程式設計 入門 has 3.5 rating out of 5 based on 3 students. Currently this course has 78 位學生. Course langwage is 繁體中文.

RWD 響應式 網頁 程式設計 入門 Course Description

Features of this process_______________________________________________________________

1) This introductory course is suitable for beginners who have graduated from non-information-related departments to enter the field of programming.

2) The educational direction is Adaptive/Responsive Web Programming.

3) It mainly teaches how each piece of code works and what it means.

4) The lecture content is very concise and easy to access, so even beginners can easily feel a sense of accomplishment.

Related instructions _______________________________________________________________________________

[1] This course gives students a "depth" understanding of the "how it works" of "code" in "programming" of RWD web pages.

[2] After taking this course, you will know how to create a "single" webpage file with "adaptive" characteristics to adapt to the screen sizes of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. screen.

[3] Studying the content of this course will help you understand the meaning of each code "as soon as possible" because:

[4] This course pays special attention to students' understanding and practice of "code" web pages that can intensively improve their "thinking logic" and "English language skills".

[5] The lecture video of this lecture is very simple because the instructor pays a lot of attention to “word by word” of the lecture content! After learning this course, students will understand that the "time" of the lecture video is not the key, but the instructor's interpretive ability and creative mind to understand and learn in "short time"!

[6] The home page of this course is devoid of fancy decorations and reflects the meaning of the web page, which is how "code" works, rather than a flashy appearance.

I've been working as a lecturer for 12 years in Taiwan, on Earth, in the solar system, and on tiny islands in the galaxy.

It's time to get out of the little island and do something for the world...

I am a senior lecturer and writer. I think it's time to step outside the island and look international as we're starting to look more and more Taiwanese!

Forgive my secret! This is because, while working as a lecturer for the past 10 years, I have suffered a lot of bullying from students/students, and a fuss from bitter people. Please call me "Brat Terminator" teacher! If you think about it from another angle, is the name 'Puck Boy Terminator' more familiar?

Even though it is private, the quality of lecture content has not deteriorated. I'm a new instructor on Udemy, so I want to say hi to you all and wish you all the best!

RWD 響應式 網頁 程式設計 入門 Course for

  • 只要對 程式設計 有興趣,皆 歡迎 參與!
  • Each one who interests in computer programming is welcome!

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