React - The Complete Guide (incl Hooks, React Router, Redux) - Maximilian Schwarzmüller

React - The Complete Guide (incl Hooks, React Router, Redux) - Maximilian Schwarzmüller

React - The Complete Guide (incl Hooks, React Router, Redux)

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  • JavaScript + HTML + CSS fundamentals are absolutely required
  • You DON'T need to be a JavaScript expert to succeed in this course!
  • ES6+ JavaScript knowledge is beneficial but not a must-have
  • NO prior React or any other JS framework experience is required!


This course is the latest, most complete and best -selling React course on Udemy!

It's been updated and updated below - it teaches you the latest React update as well as the latest features you need to know. !

React.js is THE most popular JavaScript library you can use and learn today to build modern, user -friendly links for the website.

This course teaches you the answer in depth, from the ground up, step by step by exploring all the basics, exploring a wide range of examples and introducing you to specific concepts.

You’ll find all the training, tons of practice and practice, assignments and exercises and tons of valuable knowledge that many other resources miss - after all, there’s a reason this course is so great! :)

And if you don’t know why you want to learn React and you’re just here because of an ad or “algorithm” - no worries: ReactJS is a core technology of a website developer and in this class of I will also explain WHY it is so important!

Welcome to "React - The Complete Guide"!

This tutorial will teach you how to test React.js, using all the latest examples and best practices you need. You'll learn all the basics as well as extensions and related topics to turn you into a React.js developer.

This is great training because it covers everything you need to know and learn to be a React.js developer!

Even if you don’t know anything about React if you’ve already received basic React information (unnecessary but not a problem), you’ll find a lot of useful information and insights from this course. !

My goal in this course is to make sure you feel comfortable working with React, so that you can apply for React jobs, apply to your own projects or improve your file as an enterprise - whatever your goal: this course gets you there!

What's in this course?

A thorough introduction to React.js (What is it and why do you use it?)

All the basics: How React works, build components with React & build UI with React

Parts, attachments & recordings

Work with event users and states to create shared requests

A (complete) behind -the -scenes look to understand how React works under the hood

Detailed information on how to work with the list and what the conditions are

React Hooks (in depth)!

Work with construction observers and build and build regular openings

How to debug React apps

Styling React apps with "Styled Components" and "CSS Modules"

Working with "Fragments" & "Portals"

Confrontation with risks

Classroom units and activity units

Provide Http requests & handle transition status + responses

Handle user forms and applications (including verification)

Redux & Redux Toolkit

Instructions on the React Router

An in -depth introduction to Next.js

Using React Apps

Implementation of Evidence

Unit Test

React and TypeScript integration

Added Entertainment

Tons of examples and project examples so you can apply everything you’ve learned to real work

And more - check out the full curriculum on this page!

This is truly the “Guidebook” - promised!

But most of all?

You don’t need any prior knowledge React!

This course begins with no such knowledge! All you need is a website developer with JavaScript understanding (although the course includes a brief JavaScript tutorial to make sure we’re all on the same page!).

Check out the full tutorial, free videos and join the course at no risk thanks to the 30-day money-back guarantee!

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