React Native - Bitcoin Wallet

React Native - Bitcoin Wallet Description

BitcoinWallet is an application that makes it easy to manage your blockchain finances in a secure way. We have carefully designed this app for new users without hiding important information or removing powerful features.

In addition to receiving, sending and saving Bitcoin, you can do much more ...

It has a multi-wallet architecture that allows for maximum flexibility. BitcoinWallet aims to support the highest wallet standards. In addition to Bitcoin wallet, watch only, multisig vault, lightning. BitcoinWallet can import most wallet standards, including Electrum and Bread wallets.

The Lightning-enabled app marketplace will help you find new services with this new fast payment protocol. Where you can buy anything with Bitcoin

To improve wallet management, you can view, label, freeze, or select coins (UTXOs) to build transactions.

With Bitcoin wallets, the private key (seed) never leaves the device. You have full control over the processing of your private keys to generate backups and export / import wallets at any time.

Easily store your friends and partners' wallets, QR code scanning support

React Native - Bitcoin Wallet

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