Productividad personal con mapas mentales

Productividad personal con mapas mentales

Productividad personal con mapas mentales Udemy Course

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Productividad personal con mapas mentales Course Creado por Alvaro Grisales.

Productividad personal con mapas mentales has 4.2 rating out of 5 based on 91 students. Currently this course has 410 estudiantes. Course langwage is Español.

Productividad personal con mapas mentales Course Description

The essential purpose of this experience is to guide you to an effective way of organizing your mind in terms of brilliant thinking. What does this mean? It means you learn to perform your daily work according to the rhythms, plans and models your brain has.

These are not magical official or secret keys. number! It is a process of personal growth and development, firstly requiring continuous and disciplined efforts, and secondly applying to an important understanding of the content and activities placed in the course program.

For the past 15 years, as a university professor, I've seen many students trapped in useless and ineffective information entanglements. Time and money were wasted. As an entrepreneur, I got stuck in their first job for decades without knowing how young professionals would apply the knowledge gained after many years of application as a college student. I've seen you. I've also seen colleagues who teach with a theory-filled mind, without the resources to transfer knowledge to the classrooms of hungry students who need effective teaching methods.

Solution: Awaken the creativity of the right hemisphere and learn to create mental maps. That's my promise and I'll make it happen through each lesson I'm about to start.

Teacher Researcher-Faculty of Human Sciences-Del Rosario University-Bogotá-Colombia

Certified Accountant – Pilot University in Colombia.

University Education Specialist-El Bosque University.

Accreditation of Virtual Education-UNAD National University

Ethics Chairman – Rosary University.

Experts in mind maps, learning objects, and open digital educational resources.

Other studies conducted:

Philosophy and Theology Augustine Theological Seminary

Virtual Chair of Learning Objects and Open Digital Education Resources-University of Antioch.

Use of Web 2.0 resources, Universidad del Rosario

Bucaramanga Autonomous University-Web 2.0 Technology Trainer Trainer for UNAB Education

Web 2.0 Technology for Education, Bucaramanga Autonomous University-UNAB

Project-based learning, Universidad del Rosario

Learning Objects, University of Antioch

Use of information resources MOODLE, Universidad del Rosario

Open Digital Education Resources-University of Antioch.

Productividad personal con mapas mentales Course for

  • A personas interesadas en superar el paradigma lineal de la enseñanza tradicional para convertirse en hombres y mujeres productivos que desarrollen la creatividad subutilizada del hemisferio derecho.
  • A quienes tienen interés en conocer técnicas para mejorar el funcionamiento del cerebro y desarrollar habilidades en el manejo de la información mediante el uso de mapas mentales.
  • A quienes se sientan atrapados en una maraña de información inútil e ineficaz. Profesionales que desean aplicar los conocimientos adquiridos para ser más eficientes en sus rutinas laborales.
  • A quienes necesitan un modelo efectivo que los lleve a través de un proceso en la toma de decisiones tanto en el trabajo como en las actividades personales y familiares.

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