Primeros Pasos con Photoshop CC

Primeros Pasos con Photoshop CC

Primeros Pasos con Photoshop CC Udemy Course

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Primeros Pasos con Photoshop CC Course Creado por Felinu Academy, Álvaro Pérez.

Primeros Pasos con Photoshop CC has 4.4 rating out of 5 based on 4572 students. Currently this course has 56.134 estudiantes. Course langwage is Español.

Primeros Pasos con Photoshop CC Course Description

Photoshop is a program that anyone can use today, no matter how professional and complete it is.

In 2 hours, I will teach you how to handle it and its basic functions in a simple way. Learn about image formats, menus, all the tools, and the various secrets of great features you can achieve in Photoshop.

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Student Ratings Already Completed:

"Finally a decent course for beginners, but at the same time teaches you to work in a very practical way."

"The content is very suitable for the first step, it meets expectations correctly, and the instructor conducts the course correctly and comfortably."

"A very suitable course to enter Photoshop"

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What do I get if I join this course together?

• Quality content, brief explanations, examples for conducting lessons with teachers.

• 24/7 support from us. Answer all questions on the same day.

• Instructive lessons with practice and many examples for practice.

This course includes:

• 13 lessons divided into 4 HD quality themes

• A 13-page ebook we create and download

• Examples for following a class with a teacher

Felinu Academy is a training center born with a passion for learning and the hope of teaching all entrepreneurs.

We are dedicated to training those who are interested in learning more than they already know, or who want to specialize in a particular software. As we grow as entrepreneurs, we work every day to improve training, attend students, and improve services and promotions.

If you haven't taken our course yet, learn new things in the easiest way today.

Hello! My name is Alvaro Perez. I am the creator of the Farine-Audiovisual Training School and will be the teacher who will accompany you on all courses.

At the professional level, I have worked in various fields such as radio announcer, graphic designer, fashion photographer, and video editor. Currently, I'm dedicated to audiovisual promotion for companies, fashion photographers, directors of live events, and graphic designers, while I have time to focus on my hobby, photography.

I want to lead you on a path as great as teaching you. Experts say, "You never stop learning." So why not do it with accelerated learning? Are you excited? ..

Primeros Pasos con Photoshop CC Course for

  • Estos Primeros Pasos con Photoshop CC están dirigidos a personas que buscan conocer la herramienta pero no disponen de conocimientos sobre su funcionamiento y utilidades.

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