Porichoy - Multitenancy Based Portfolio Builder Platform (SAAS)

Porichoy - Multitenancy Based Portfolio Builder Platform (SAAS) Description

Porichoy is a multi-tenancy-based portfolio platform that allows customers to create a portfolio website in less than 5 minutes. This script supports subdomains, and custom domains are also path-based domains for portfolio URLs. Anyone can use this script to build any kind of portfolio site. Customers can create portfolio websites, online CVs, VCards (online business cards), and QR builders. We have integrated 4 portfolio themes, 2 VCard themes, 5 online resume themes and added 12 payment getaways. All payment getaways fully supported sandbox mode and live mode. This script included a two-click site installer to install this script without any technical knowledge.

Demo access:

front end: https://porichoy.xyz

Admin login:

Administrator access: https://porichoy.xyz/login

Email: admin@admin.com | Password: rootadmin

Customer login:

Login access: https://porichoy.xyz/login

Email: maru@gmail.com | Password: rootadmin

Theme 1

Live demo: https://user.porichoy.xyz

Theme 2

Live demo: https://arafa.porichoy.xyz

Theme 3

Live demo: https://maru.porichoy.xyz

Theme 4

Live demo: https://porto.porichoy.xyz

Theme 1

ライブデモ: https://user.porichoy.xyz/my-vcard

Theme 2

Live demo: https://maru.porichoy.xyz/my-vcard

Live demo: https://user.porichoy.xyz/my-cv

Payment gateway:

Main site function.

Customer function.

Porichoy - Multitenancy Based Portfolio Builder Platform (SAAS)

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