PlanTrip - Social Flutter v.2.10 Full App with Chat | Web Admin Panel | Google Admob

PlanTrip - Social Flutter v.2.10 Full App with Chat | Web Admin Panel | Google Admob Description

PlanTrip – Save your planned journey anywhere, social full flutter v. 2.10 apps, chat (text, images), admin panel (PHP + Code Igniter + MySQL) & amp; GoogleAdmobReady.

a. Technology stack
1. GetX state management
2. Get storage, Google Fonts
3. Firebase authentication, messaging, storage, cloud Firestore, push notifications
4. GeoLocator, Flutter local notification
5. Posts with text (required), images and videos are templates
6. Post a place, article in PlanTrip
7. You can comment, review, like / dislike (bookmark)
8. Follow / unfollow (followers, follow), profiles, and other profiles
9. Search location, article, result page
10. Map route directions provided by Google Maps
11. Explorer Cities, Categories, Latest Posts, Top Posts / Articles
12. Fancy bottom navigation and left foldable menu drawer
13. Create a plan with detailed locations and articles
14. Text and Chat & amp; ImageReady
15. Multilingual and RTL support
16. Dark & ​​Light Theme
17. Compatible with Flutter v.2.8

b. feature
1. Splash screen, login, sign-up screen
2. Log in using email and login. Password, integration with Firebase authentication
3. Forgot password & social login is a template (Google, Apple, Facebook)
4. Sign up with your name, email, password and password again
5. 4 tab screens, home, category, plan, profile
6. Post the location within the tag, title, description (required), 3 images, video (template)
7. Explore the city, search and move the location and route direction to Google Maps
8. Special hotel collection created by Inside Travel Guide & management panel
9. Bookmarks (likes / dislikes), locations, article details
10. Flashy foldable left menu drawer
11. Post creation (location / article), comments / reviews, likes / dislikes / bookmark-triggered notifications
12. Multilingual and RTL support
13. Dark & ​​Amp; Light theme compatible
14. Text and Chat & amp; ImageReady
15. Notification, password change
16. Follow / unfollow, list of followers, follow
17. Free Life of the updated version

c. Management panel web based
1. Simply dashboard
2. List of categories, sliders (local partner ads), cities
3. Installation and list of installations Users
4. Plans, locations, list of locations Articles
5. List of admin user logins

d. Minimum requirements
1. Flutter framework (
2. Server, hosting, domain with SSL support (https)
3. Supports PHP, MySQL, PHPMyAdmin, API JSON + PHP
4. Firebase Account Console Developer
5.5. Google API Map Key Console Developer
6. Visual Studio code
7. Coding Igniterv.4x from PHP v7.4
8. Follow the instructions in the technical documentation.
9. Thinking brain




Management panel login:

Username / Email Address:
Password: demoplan2022

PlanTrip - Social Flutter v.2.10 Full App with Chat | Web Admin Panel | Google Admob

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