Physiology of sitting: how to improve health and fitness

Physiology of sitting: how to improve health and fitness

Physiology of sitting: how to improve health and fitness Udemy Course

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Physiology of sitting: how to improve health and fitness Course Created by Katarina Debro.

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Physiology of sitting: how to improve health and fitness Course Description

"Sit for long periods of time should be considered within the scope of occupational health and safety policies and practices, just like any other posture factor." ~ British Journal of Sports Medicine

Learn How to avoid potentially deadly illnesses by following simple steps. Sitting illness associated with sitting for long periods of time Working is becoming a health concern for many. How i Address this issue in two simple steps without impact Productivity or use of expensive equipment.

Inactive Physiology is a relatively new field of physiology science. I believe anyone who has to use a computer for work or sit down I need something basic at my desk for a long time Understanding of this new scientific discipline.

start Perform your own intervention to make sure you are feeling the energy Reduces stiffness during work and ensures optimal health future.

―――― The basics of sitting illness.

―――― A surprisingly simple precautionary principle.

―――― Simple steps to apply the intervention.

―――― Possible obstacles.

start Work in a way that does not endanger your health.

learning All the hype around "sitting illness" is about and find out What you can do about it. If you need to sit while working for 2-3 hours or more at a time (for example Computer), you may be at risk of developing a part of your health Problems related to "sitting illness". Such a problem So; increased waistline, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, High blood pressure, cancer and depression have long been associated The period of sitting.

Applying Interventions for "sitting illness" can help you lower The risk of developing these problems, and helping you feel Better while you work. Instead of being rigid and experiencing Back pain after work – I feel better and better.

content And overview

this The course is an introduction to a sitting illness and may be Intervention for lotus coition. Learn to sit Illness is a way to approach successful interventions. cause It also discusses what can affect the success of these interventions. The applications described in the course are: Especially useful for those who need to sit more More than 2-3 hours at a time while working, still Applied a successful intervention. For example, in the case of software A developer who works on a computer for a long time at a time.

To At the end of the course, you should be able to plan for yourself. Intervene with confidence. I can't give you any advice Certain interventions you may want to do in your own work Depending on the situation, we can help you with guidance and ideas.

this Courses do not provide exercises (such resources are not difficult To find out), but instead the purpose is to explain the underlying principles To help you plan possible interventions and changes to your method jobs.

everytime Be safe and careful when changing your physical activity and it's We recommend that you consult your healthcare provider. I don't Providing medical or therapeutic services – my purpose is To bring awareness and change about sitting illness Current mainstream work environment and approach.

Nevertheless The interventions proposed in the course may not be practical at all In the working situation, the basic principle behind the intervention is Be creatively applied and adapt to a variety of different tasks environment.

To If you change a few simple things in your approach to the workspace, You can easily change your work environment from potentially harmful ones To a fun and healthy environment!

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology (mainly Psychology and Physiology) and a Master's degree in Exercise Science. I have always believed that the value of continuous activity all day long is an underestimated factor in general health, especially due to the growing reliance on technology and computers today. After working in the fitness industry for over a decade as a personal trainer and fitness instructor, I also started working on computers and realized that knowledge of "sitting illness" was really important. I started developing potential interventions based on my actual experience and theoretical background. With the right attitude and approach to workspace design, technology will have a positive impact on our work environment.

Physiology of sitting: how to improve health and fitness Course for

  • Anyone who have to sit working for more than two to three hours at a time (for example, when working on a computer).
  • Examples: computer programmers, CAD technicians, web-developers or any other type of "knowledge worker" that has to sit and work on a computer for hours on end.
  • If you or your organisation are already implementing successful strategies against the sitting disease, this course may not be for you.

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