Open Pit Design 101

Open Pit Design 101

Open Pit Design 101 Udemy Course

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Open Pit Design 101 Course Created by Mining Geologist.

Mine Design for surface mining : Beginner to Advanced.

Open Pit Design 101 has 4.4 rating out of 5 based on 98 students. Currently this course has 389 students . Course langwage is

English .

Open Pit Design 101 Course Instructor Mining Geologist (Mining engineer).

Course for

  • Geologists
  • Mining geologist
  • Mining engineer
  • Geoscientist


This Open Pit Design or Mine Design training is designed to teach you how to design an open pit ( surface mining )  using one of the top mining softwares in the mining industry . You will also learn how to create haul roads, access ramps, switchbacks,  3D surfaces of the open pit, Calculate pit volume and much more.

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