Online School Building - オンラインスクール運営の基礎(ThinkificとTeachable)

Online School Building - オンラインスクール運営の基礎(ThinkificとTeachable)

Online School Building - オンラインスクール運営の基礎(ThinkificとTeachable) Udemy Course

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Online School Building - オンラインスクール運営の基礎(ThinkificとTeachable) Course 作成者: 石崎力也 (RIKIYA ISHIZAKI), あずさ 鈴木.

Online School Building - オンラインスクール運営の基礎(ThinkificとTeachable) has 4.5 rating out of 5 based on 48 students. Currently this course has 623人の受講生. Course langwage is 日本語.

Online School Building - オンラインスクール運営の基礎(ThinkificとTeachable) Course Description

Hello, this is Ritsuya Ishizaki. This course, titled Online School Building, will explain the basics of running an online school.

There were several steps until I tried to build this process. Originally, the notion of an online school didn't exist for anyone doing our list marketing (DRM). It was a business by collecting things that were functioning in each nettle by themselves.

With this feeling, as a generalist, I knew many things, so I had to do various things.

However, with the advent of Udemy, the flow changed at once. Creating a sales letter is also very easy, preparing the payment system from the beginning, selling on your behalf, and even automatic delivery. Such a great service, hey, we were surprised.

And after a while there was a new movement among successful teachers on Udemy in the United States. Rather than calling it Tal Udemy, it is a strategy to put on the wrinkle of both legs of Udemy and its site. Some use Thinkific and some use Teachable to put their courses on their systems and sell them themselves. Thinkific and Teachable also offer online courses like Udemy, but there are some differences. And this difference is what successful Udemy instructors want.

There are 6

. And it is these six things that we are talking about in this course. I have created a lecture focusing on these six.

We established a company called Haamalu LLC in Tokyo (registered in 2013). Luckily, an online advertising department came to market and eventually you don't have to think about money any more.

I change where I live and the subjects I want to study every three months depending on my mood. No alarms, no bosses, no worries. This simple life is really awesome. We'd love to share these ideas with you.

In April 2013, we started a company (registered name: Haamalu Joint Company) in Nishi-Azabu/Roppongi. Luckily, in November of the same year, the media business/advertising business started getting on track, and thankfully I didn't have to worry about money at all. Since then, I have been traveling with my wife every month, changing the place of residence (country, region). Places you have lived in in the past 15 months: Nebraska, New York, Chicago, South Carolina, Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto, Pattaya, Bali, Gili, Ginowan, Awa Ikeda, Ohori, Hikone (all 30 days each) .

(Chugi) Since his wife's pregnancy was discovered while in Montreal, Canada, he is now living a peaceful life in seclusion on Ishigaki Island. I snorkel at Yonehara Beach almost every day, so please talk to me if you see it.

This is the Haamalu joint venture's support account. Responsible for the backyard of video editing, customer support, and marketing. If you have any difficulties, such as being unable to download the materials on the course, the course title and content do not match, or the URL within the course has expired, please contact us here. We will reply you as soon as possible. Happy learning!

Online School Building - オンラインスクール運営の基礎(ThinkificとTeachable) Course for

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