Natural Progesterone for Menopause

Natural Progesterone for Menopause

Natural Progesterone for Menopause Udemy Course

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Natural Progesterone for Menopause Course Created by Dan Purser MD.

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Natural Progesterone for Menopause Course Description

Tired of the stress of synthetic therapy for PMS? Menstrual migraine and endometriosis?

If your mother or sister has or has had breast cancer and you read the package instructions on your birth control pills, they know you are at the same risk and want to quit.

How do I get off?

Are there safer and more natural alternatives to BCPs and IUDs?

How do I find a doctor or pharmacist to help me find my way through this minefield?

Don't worry anymore!

Dr. Dan Purser (MD) has 30 years of experience and has written 7 #1 books on these issues (Amazon). He lectures around the world and develops and manufactures natural products for women (and also sold worldwide).

A devotee of "medutainment" (the term he coined), he is charming, warm and fun. And the first in the 'Medutainment' series, this course is thorough and amazing. (Comes with a 30-day full “Steal My Expensive Medical Education Blind Money Bag Guarantee”)

You can't be wrong! Change your life today!

The #1 bestselling author (Amazon Health) is now starting online training!

A practicing physician for 30 years, author of over 13 books on health issues (available on Kindle on Amazon), and conducting research (pituitary endocrinology) and health care product development for many years. Dr. Purser has spoken and educated doctors and the public around the world. He will do a world book tour again this year (2014). This course is designed to further educate and explain his books and the concepts contained therein. Have fun and learn!

Natural Progesterone for Menopause Course for

  • Women interested in learning about Natural Options for Menopause

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