MultiThreading In Python

MultiThreading In Python

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MultiThreading In Python Course Created by Satish Venkatesh.

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MultiThreading In Python Course Description

Welcome to the "Python Multithreaded Programming" course: Python Multithreaded Programming

This course is conducted by software engineers who have been interviewed by about 16 software companies.

Sometimes life doesn't give us time to prepare. We have emergencies where we need to grab the guts and start taking control of the situation rather than controlling it. At the end of the day, everyone leaves this land empty-handed. But given the circumstances, you have to live or fight in a way that every action sequence should be proud of, to the point that it gives me goosebumps even thinking about it 10 years later.

Some people find threads too difficult and painful for programmers to use. Getting a good education on how to program with threads can be difficult. In most cases, concurrent programming is rather esoteric.

If you're a programmer and aren't already writing concurrent software, you should get started. 100+ cores could become common 10 years from now (or sooner).

As the number of CPUs in general increases, concurrency is moving from a beneficial option to a necessity. This will increase the demand for an understanding of concurrent programming, and all programmers will need a knowledge of concurrent programming.

This course includes a simple programming approach to help you learn the concepts and usage of the various multithreading APIs in Python's Multithreading Module.

This course addresses the following programming questions.


This is Satish. I am a software developer and automation engineer based in India. I have about 13 years of software development and automation experience in programming languages ​​like Python, Perl, C, C++, Java, Unix, Linux, Shell Scripting, Selenium web driver. I have worked as a software developer, manual tester, automation tester, automation engineer and have good experience with many software companies. I am basically from Bangalore and my hobbies are teaching, trekking and reading books.

Thank you.


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  • Python Automation Engineers
  • Python Developers
  • Students, Fresh Graduates
  • Anybody who is interested to learn the MultiThreading concepts in Python

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