MS Excel - JumpStart to Analyst

MS Excel - JumpStart to Analyst

MS Excel - JumpStart to Analyst Udemy Course

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MS Excel - JumpStart to Analyst Course Created by Jason Zhang.

MS Excel - JumpStart to Analyst has 4.8 rating out of 5 based on 312 students. Currently this course has 5,178 students. Course langwage is English.

MS Excel - JumpStart to Analyst Course Description

If you want to move to a more analytical role or become an analyst, this course is the fastest way to learn Excel.

This course only teaches you to apply to your job as an analyst. Excel has thousands of functions, and analysts use less than 20 functions on a daily basis. It's in the thousands of Excel shortcuts. Analysts need to be under the age of 30. Save time and teach only the important things from the beginning. That's why it's a jump start.

The analysts I mention are financial analysts, budget analysts, and research analysts. I've worked in all these positions, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. At this point, I know your job is to dig into the numbers and impress your boss with what you find. I am here to help you impress your boss, get promoted, get hired, and be one of the best.

Jason has been a financial analyst, business analyst, and research analyst since its inception to Fortune 500 companies. He holds a Master of Finance degree from Johns Hopkins University. He passed the CFA Level 3 exam.

Jason spends his time helping analysts get promoted, work better, and live a better life, starting with good Excel skills.

Excel is a powerful tool. It's like golf. You can learn it within a few hours, but improve it for the rest of your life. There are many free materials out there. But you need structured lectures to build good thinking to achieve your goals. It's about getting the job done beautifully. Be able to seek promotions, promotions, and even dream jobs.

MS Excel - JumpStart to Analyst Course for

  • Entry level analyst who wants to improve Excel skills quickly
  • People who are looking for analyst jobs
  • Having been using Excel for a while but wondering if there is better way to do certain things
  • Switching to Analyst position from other jobs

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