Microsoft SQL from A to Z

Microsoft SQL from A to Z

Microsoft SQL from A to Z Udemy Course

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Microsoft SQL from A to Z Course Created by Brewster Knowlton.

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Microsoft SQL from A to Z Course Description

This course is an extension of the previous course, "Microsoft SQL for Beginners." This course, 'Microsoft SQL from A to Z', includes all course material and content from the previous course plus many new lectures on the topic of SQL queries at intermediate and advanced levels. Students enrolled in this course will have access to the "Complete T-SQL Query Guide," which is more than 150 pages, as an added bonus to assist in the learning process.

Want to learn a skill that can make you nearly $100,000 a year? Then this course is for you!

SQL (Structured Query Language) is the language you use to interact with the database that stores your data. This allows for easy and simple data retrieval. As terms like business intelligence and big data become more familiar, businesses will need more people to learn the SQL language.

This course teaches you how to use the SQL language with Microsoft SQL Server, one of the world's most popular database engines.

There are many video lectures that can teach you most of the content. Each section contains exercises or additional ebooks to help reinforce what you have learned in the video tutorials.

Brewster Knowlton has worked in all aspects of the business intelligence industry. With significant experience in writing SQL code, developing ETL processes, and designing and designing data warehouse systems, his greatest strength is his ability to communicate difficult concepts in an easily understandable way. Having completed business intelligence projects across multiple industries, Brewster understands what BI skills organizations need and employers want. His goal is to learn SQL and business intelligence skills to help you find your dream career in business intelligence.

Microsoft SQL from A to Z Course for

  • Anyone who works with data, tables, or databases!
  • Someone who wants to learn the foundational skill of big data and data analytics.
  • Those who work in organizations where the company typically uses Microsoft databases. This course uses Microsoft SQL Server and T-SQL (Microsoft SQL) variant of the SQL language. Those who work with Oracle, DB2, or MySQL might not gain as much from this course.
  • If you work in: marketing, finance, accounting, operations, sales, manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, or any other industry/function that collects information
  • Someone who wants to learn skills that give them the potential to earn near SIX figures!

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