Materialize Accordions WordPress Plugin Download Free

Materialize Accordions WordPress Plugin Download Free

Free Materialize Accordions WP Plugin Download

Materialize Accordions allows you to add a simple accordion with titles and body text via a shortcode.

This plug-in can add title and body text and foldable accordion through any page or post code of postcode. It is based on the Materialize CSS framework. Interfaces are easy and easy to categorize sections. It enables fully sensitive and mobile-friendly and keyboard accessibility. This plug-in should work with a Classic Editor or Gutenberg Short Code Block and not conflict with other plug-ins. For more information on settings and support, PRO version you want to see the demo of Accordions. Go to here. They will still be there. The free version will be disabled automatically and you can delete them.

WordPress Materialize Accordions Plugin Version is 1.5.7.

Materialize Accordions Plugin last modified on 02/01/2022.

Materialize Accordions WordPress Plugin has 4.8 Rating out of 5.

Materialize Accordions WP Plugin is Free to Download.

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