Mastering Udemy Vol 1: Create a Website - Unofficial

Mastering Udemy Vol 1: Create a Website - Unofficial

Mastering Udemy Vol 1: Create a Website - Unofficial Udemy Course

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Mastering Udemy Vol 1: Create a Website - Unofficial Course Created by Timothy Kenny, Rob Wilson.

Mastering Udemy Vol 1: Create a Website - Unofficial has 4.5 rating out of 5 based on 4 students. Currently this course has 1,702 students. Course langwage is English.

Mastering Udemy Vol 1: Create a Website - Unofficial Course Description

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What is the biggest difference between the most successful Udemy instructors and everyone else?

They have a website.

Other things are happening outside of Udemy.

It may be a simple website.

It may be a blog.

We may also host podcasts and YouTube channels.

In any case, an important element of the education business is having a website.

A single hub that puts everything you're doing online and maximizes course sales in the process.

There is something interesting about websites.

Many instructors have websites that are struggling to sell.


Not optimized for sending students to Udemy.

Let's do some numbers:

If you look at your earnings statement, you'll usually see a mixture of the two.

UdemyOrganicSales and affiliate sales. 50% sales and 25% sales.

And if you make a promotional announcement twice a month, you'll occasionally get about 97% sales (you're already doing this, right?)

Now let's talk about where in this equation you are losing money.

As future students start browsing Udemy and looking for new courses, they will also look at discounts. Most do not buy without one.

So what are they doing?

>> New tab << ... Google .... Course title + Creator ....... >> Search <<

And what do you think will appear?

Your course?

or someone else?

If you don't have a website, it won't be your site.

What happens?

They click on someone else's site, find a link to your course, and go buy it using the site owner's affiliate link.

The affiliate link will allow mystery site owners to earn 50% of course sales, Udemy to win quarters, and you to win quarters.

What's more?

If the student purchases some of the other courses you teach, you will only get a 25% reduction in those courses.

How does having your own website change it?

Simply put, you can turn much of your 25% sales into 97% sales. ...


4 times



Sure, there's a lot about creating podcasts, YouTube, blogs, etc. in this course, but that's good enough to start today.

Every day waiting for your website to set up is another day when you're missing 97% of your sales.

Setting up a website optimized for Udemy is one of the most important things most Udemy instructors can do to quickly increase their sales.

But let's say you're still reading. Because you are a long-term thinker.

Well, there are more.

This website is also optimized for creating lists.

Haven't you started this yet?

Tsk。 Tsp。

You need to create a list.

It is the first commandment of the internet business.

And this website will be up and running soon.

You see, I know what it looks like.

You are a teacher and probably don't enjoy all of this marketing.

That's why I created this website so that you don't have to write one literally a new copy of the word (the word on the website). All you need to do is copy and paste what you have already written. Udemy profile.

Of course, you can add it later, but you don't have to start viewing the results.

Last but not least, I had a hard time convincing Rob to create this course together. People usually pay him thousands of dollars to create a website, and most Udemy instructors can't afford it.

We went back and forth over the weeks and finally agreed to this simplified Udemy optimized version. This is enough for anyone who has never created a website before and actually builds an online educational empire with podcasts, YouTube channels, blogs and more.

The most valuable part of this course is actually the discussion forum. You will be able to ask Rob and me all the questions you want. We are with you at every stage until your website is up and running and helping you succeed at Udemy.

We look forward to seeing you on the course

Timothy and Rob

Timothy Kenny is the author of "Accelerated Learning for Entrepreneurs". He teaches classes and talks to groups on how to accelerate learning and help them build successful businesses faster and more confidently.

Timothy teaches at the Harvard Innovation Labs, Tufts University Entrepreneurs Association, and Boston General Assembly, and is a noted teacher in skills sharing and more. He talked about how to accelerate the learning, creativity and growth of startup teams.

He is the founder of BizSysMan and is building a business improvement system.

Over 20 years in IT at the director level. As a bridge between IT and business, I am creating a business system that generates a rate of return on investment.

Expert in active campaigns, OptimizePress, OptimizeMember. Certified for sales funnel creation and content marketing.

I also love WordPress and PHP programming :)

Mastering Udemy Vol 1: Create a Website - Unofficial Course for

  • Teachers who want to increase their sales on Udemy
  • Future Udemy teachers who want to build their website first
  • This course is not for people looking to create generic website. It's specifically designed from the ground up for Udemy teachers.
  • Skillshare or Skillfeed teachers who want to send traffic to their courses on those sites

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