Mastering Thinking Skills Vol 4: Mental Math

Mastering Thinking Skills Vol 4: Mental Math

Mastering Thinking Skills Vol 4: Mental Math Udemy Course

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Mastering Thinking Skills Vol 4: Mental Math Course Created by Timothy Kenny.

Mastering Thinking Skills Vol 4: Mental Math has 4.1 rating out of 5 based on 34 students. Currently this course has 12,030 students. Course langwage is English.

Mastering Thinking Skills Vol 4: Mental Math Course Description

Why did you create a course for the hermaphroditism?

Because nobody talks about it.

Have you ever been in a situation where you find it difficult to solve even the simplest calculation or math problem?

Perhaps it was in a professional setting such as a meeting, in class, or with friends and family.

It can be frustrating when calculating with your head takes longer than you think.

Say goodbye to that day.

What you get:

How to use simple mental arithmetic hacks to calculate the perfect tip every time

How to use mental arithmetic in your professional life to close deals more effectively

Understanding your tax affairs so you know exactly what's left when it's all done.

How to seamlessly switch between the two by simply converting fractions to percentages

Get answers faster with this simple but effective addition and subtraction hack.

Simple but effective multiplication and division hacks so you don't get frustrated when doing long multiplications or divisions

Useful hints for mental math to give you new confidence when dealing with numbers

How to use mental math to better control money issues in your personal and professional life

How to generate accurate ballpark figures on-the-fly to handle millions, billions, or even trillions of dollars without being overwhelmed

How to build a "BS Detector" using simple math hacks to get to the right solution faster

Understanding how to use the "BS Detector", you can instantly recognize whether an answer is correct or incorrect.

How we can subdivide the skills of mental mathematics so that these skills can improve performance

How to use math skills in negotiation to win better deals without spending a lot of time calculating numbers

By better understanding your credit card offers, you can simply calculate the meaning of the offer and decide which one is best for you.

It gives me new confidence when dealing with numbers and percentages, so I'm not ashamed to do simple calculations in my head.

How to create a standardized system for accessing mental arithmetic so you know it always works

The powerful mental-mathematics system is at your fingertips, so you can develop your mental-mathematics mastery regardless of your current skill level.

Mathematically overcomes your fears or discomforts completely, allowing you to move into other areas of your life without feeling like you have never dealt with this skill.

How to skip memorization tactics and get right into the top 1% by applying mental arithmetic hacks

How to use mental math to gain an edge in your workplace so you can be more qualified for promotions and pay raises

Learn your mental math skills now so you'll be rewarded for a lifetime.

How to use mental math shortcuts to make certain calculations easier than ever

Learn the mental tricks to do math in a fast way so you don't waste time doing simple calculations slowly.

But this process is more than just being able to do math in your head and do it faster than anyone else.

Basically, this course is about taking you to the next level in your career, school or personal life.

In the profession, this will bring you huge profits.

Imagine you're in a meeting at work and everyone has some calculations that need to be done on the fly, and you're the first to come up with the right answer.

Suddenly you look like the smartest person in the room.

Have you made a good impression on your colleagues and bosses?

Please check.

Can you think fast and come up with a solution?

Please check.

Does it perform well under pressure?

Please check.

Start applying any of the mental arithmetic strategies and skills you've learned in this course, and you'll be amazed at how useful it can be in your professional life.

Stop staring at your feet or rummaging through papers when you have a chance to do mental arithmetic at work!

You will jump into these opportunities and begin to impress your colleagues and managers with your ability to think for yourself.

And you'll start getting recognition for your "natural gift" with numbers.

So if you are looking to gain an edge in your professional life and separate yourself from the herd, you have found the right course.

The psycho-mathematical strategies you learn in this course will help you do all of this so you can reap the benefits of this skill for the rest of your career.

But it doesn't stop there.

Mental math will be helpful even if you are a college student.

University students can especially benefit from courses that help save a lot of time.

This process makes all these simple calculations much faster.

The extra time is now available for other courses, projects, or extracurricular activities.

When you realize how much time you can save by getting all the little things done faster, you'll be surprised how much you can live without the mental math strategies and skills you learn in this course.

You will be more successful in other processes, not to mention increasing your confidence.

As a student, the skills you learn in this course will help you achieve new levels of academic achievement you never dreamed of.

Practice just a few of these strategies and techniques on campus and you will be amazed at the results.

How is your personal life?

The confidence you gain from being able to do simple calculations with your head also affects your personal life.

Imagine you don't get a bill at a restaurant and worry about what the right tip is.

This course provides simple hacks so you know the perfect tip every time.

There are so many small areas where mathematics affects our personal lives that it is impossible to name them all.

Grocery stores, shopping malls, the list is literally endless.

Every chance to hone your math mind or be embarrassed by the fact that you can't do simple math in your head

Being able to do core math can help you level up in whatever area of ​​your life you want to improve.

Are you interested in more professional success?

Want to rise to the top?

What hints can help you change your personal life?

It was covered in this course.

Say goodbye to awkward meetings, setbacks at school, and the shame of personal life.

Salute to a new world of possibilities with your mastery of mathematics.

I'll see you inside.

Timothy Kenny is the author of "Accelerated Learning for Entrepreneurs." He teaches classes and talks to groups about how to accelerate learning so they can build successful businesses faster and with the confidence of success.

Timothy has taught at Boston's General Assembly, the Harvard Innovation lab, The Tufts University Entrepreneurs Society, and General Assembly, and has served as a featured teacher at Skillshare and more. He consulted with startup teams on how to accelerate learning, creativity and growth.

Mastering Thinking Skills Vol 4: Mental Math Course for

  • Anyone who wants to conquer their fear of math and numbers
  • Students looking for simple math hacks that will cut years off your learning curve
  • Anyone who wants to impress people with their math abilities
  • Professionals looking for a skillset that will help them to advance faster in their career
  • Students who want to take their math abilities to the next level with minimal effort

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