MailCamp WordPress Plugin Download Free

MailCamp WordPress Plugin Download Free

Free MailCamp WP Plugin Download

Use the MailCamp plugin to quickly add a MailCamp signup form shortcode to your WordPress 4.9.8 or higher site.

Use the MailCamp plug-in to quickly add Site.After installations for WordPress 4.9.8 or later, log in API credentials, select the Mail Camp list, and get the List field, Site to add it and add it. It is set simply in 5 minutes. compatibility is limited to only business layer users. Connect the MailCamp list to the WordPress site.

WordPress MailCamp Plugin Version is 1.5.4.

MailCamp Plugin last modified on 01/21/2022.

MailCamp WordPress Plugin has 5 Rating out of 5.

MailCamp WP Plugin is Free to Download.

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