Magento Coupon Per Customer

Magento Coupon Per Customer Description

The Magento Coupon Per Customer Extension is an extension that allows an administrator to send a discount coupon code directly to a customer via email with a single click.

At Magent, there is no way to email the coupon code to the customer. With this extension, when you create a discount, the coupon is used to automatically create a discount for your shopping cart rule and send one email to all selected customers / all selected customers in all customer options. Will be done. you.

Send the email directly or save the discount and run magento cron every 5 minutes to send a coupon email to 30 customers each time. Administrators can update the coupon email template by loading the "Coupons by Customer Email" template from "System- & gt;". Administrator "transaction mail".

Installation procedure

1. Manually upload files – extract the files, then extract "Custom_Couponsend-4.0.0.tgz", then copy the app folder for all the files Then paste it into the root directory of magento.

2. The second way is to select – From the admin panel – Go to admin panel – System-& gt; Configuration-& gt; Magento Connect- & gt; Magento Connect Manager and select "Maintain store during installation / upgrade / backup" Uncheck "to" Browse and upload options and files.

3. Clear the cache

4. Next, go to the Document Offering or Administration panel and add a discount for the customer selected from "Promotions- & gt;". Coupons for each customer ".

Magento Coupon Per Customer

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