Magento 2 Advanced Product Widget

Magento 2 Advanced Product Widget Description

Some customers use well-known custom themes and custom product widget extensions. We looked at their source code and found the following: Most bestsellers and most viewed product widgets made a mistake, which led to the wrong data.

These widgets did not get any data from the Magento 2 stats table. Data calculated from the sales order table without worrying about whether the order is pending or completed. Therefore, it is not possible to get the correct data by date and period (all hours, daily, monthly, or yearly). We have created this extension to solve this problem for our customers.

Compatible with Magento CE2.3


Slider widget

Tab widget

To calculate the data correctly, go to Report- & gt ;. Statistics-& gt; Update the statistics, then update the cache to see the latest data

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Magento 2 Advanced Product Widget

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