Macro para Excel VBA para Iniciantes

Macro para Excel VBA para Iniciantes

Macro para Excel VBA para Iniciantes Udemy Course

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Macro para Excel VBA para Iniciantes Course Criado por João Paulo de Lira.

Macro para Excel VBA para Iniciantes has 4.2 rating out of 5 based on 1415 students. Currently this course has 5.683 alunos. Course langwage is Português.

Macro para Excel VBA para Iniciantes Course Description

Learn macros and VBA in the easy way applied!

Learn how to automate tasks and routines in Excel and make them stand out.

This course covers the basics and intermediates of VBA, from understanding the working environment to VBA and macro behavior to autocomplete routines. Build your own tools throughout the course, allowing you to accelerate all the tasks you are performing in Excel at an amazing speed.

The first section describes the environment and basic structure of VBA, understands the different ways to record macros, and begins learning the code behind the magic of Excel.

Next, let's learn the basics of macros. This part explains how to use VBA macros to modify Excel worksheets and provides the basis for doing whatever you want in Excel.

Finally, learn the structure that provides code intelligence and create all autocomplete and data processing routines quickly and step by step.

Let's go without any more trouble!


Are you familiar with any of these phrases?

"I want to work for a big company, but I send a lot of resumes and go anywhere."

"What if I get a LOST at work because I don't know how to do what I'm asked to do?"

"I need to learn Excel, but I don't want to spend money and waste time, so I need to learn Excel again."

"I know how to use Excel, but what if I need to take an Excel test during the selection process?"

If so, you are in the right place.

I'm João Lira. I have been training for 4 years. I would like to help you get the job or internship you want.

Over 70,000 students have been trained to learn exactly what they need to know to get an internship or employment at one of the best companies in the country.

Imagine that:

-Choose the company you want to work as an intern-Move to any company and take part in future selection tests-Recruit before graduation-Impress your boss and directors Please be promoted

It may seem difficult, but you need to be properly trained to create a good resume. You can't spend time on bad courses or learn not to use them.

The goal here is to teach you what you need to know without making a fuss, from basic to advanced. When you learn more, you stand out. And when you stand out, you begin to grow in your career.

Did you get excited for the first time? alright, let's go! ..

My details:

Part-time consultant, director and founder of Excel for college students WebDeveloper Microsoft Excel and VBA Production Engineering Specialist-UFRJ

Macro para Excel VBA para Iniciantes Course for

  • Se você quer aprender macros e todo o potencial por trás do VBA, esse curso é para você
  • Se você está procurando um estágio ou emprego e quer se destacar, esse curso é para você
  • Se você quer aprender a automatizar qualquer tarefa, esse curso é para você
  • Se você é um universitário que está querendo aprender o que importa, esse curso é para você
  • Se você acha que precisa aprender algo a mais no Excel, esse curso é para você

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