LMS App Template | Course App Template | Udemy Clone | Multi Language | Flutter

LMS App Template | Course App Template | Udemy Clone | Multi Language | Flutter Description

Flutter is an open source mobile application development SDK created by Google. Used to develop Android and iOS applications, it is also the primary way to create Google Fuchsia applications. The Flutter Widget incorporates all the important platform differences such as scrolling, navigation, icons and fonts for iOS and Android.

MyAcademy is a Learning Mobile app template. MyAcademy was developed using Flutter. That is, the UI is compatible with both Android and iOS. The app adds animations, clean code, well-formatted, easy-to-understand, and much more. There are no words to explain. So install our android demo app and check out all the features yourself.

MyAcademy is also known as a learning app, course app, LMS app, learning management system, online class app, online learning platform.

The MyAcademy app can be used for Udemy clones, Byjus clones, Byju clones, unacademy clones, Vedantu clones, akash itutor clones, Doubtnut clones and more.

Templates are constantly adding new features, and this app template is no exception. Rest assured that once you purchase a license, all future updates will be free and you will not be denied any new features we have come up with.

If you have any problems, please comment. Alternatively, you can get the email address in the document. We will resolve it as soon as possible.

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MyAcademy can be used for the following clones: byjus clone, coursera clone, udacity clone, udamy clone.

LMS App Template | Course App Template | Udemy Clone | Multi Language | Flutter

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